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Scrolls are objects that the player can use to either identify an object or create a portal to the nearest town. To use a scroll, right click on it (and if it a Scroll of Identify, click on the item to be identifed)

Scroll of Identify

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Magic, rare, unique, and set items are not identified by default. They are unusable by the player until they have been identified, and cannot be equipped or provide any bonuses until they are identified. The scoll works similarly to the Diablo I spell Identify.

The Scroll of Identify quickly loses its use after completing the quest The Search for Cain. After he is rescued. Deckard Cain identifies all items in the player's inventory instantly and for the rest of the game. Even if the quest is not completed in Act I, Cain will still appear in subsequent acts and charge the player for his service. However, the cost for identifying each item is the same as bying a scroll, and so scrolls of identify lose their worth later on in the game when much button-mashing can be avoided simply by talking to Cain at all times.

They one use that remains for them is for item running. When in the field, one can simply use a scroll to see if the dropped Rare Items, Set Items, or Unique Items are of some use. The same goes for any Charms found during a run, which can then be used immediately rather than lying useless in the inventory until the player returns to town to speak to Cain.

Scroll of Town Portal

Scroll of Town Portal (Diablo II).gif

To provide a quick means of transport to the nearest town, a player can use a Scroll of Town Portal to create a portal. The town that you go to is limited to the act you are in. For example, if you are in Act 2, your Town Portals will only take you to Lut Gholein and nowhere else. The portal remains there until the player who created it either steps back through it into the wilderness, or opens a new town portal somewhere else. The exception is if the player touches a Portal Shrine: this generates a separate portal that stays up until the game is closed.

Since a town portal is only closed if the player who create it steps through, two players fighting a difficult boss can thus set up one town portal each and use the other player's town portal however many times they wish.


Tome of Identify (Diablo II).gif
Tome of Town Portal (Diablo II).gif

Tomes can be used to store up to 20 scrolls for compact storage. These tomes can be bought in every act from the magic vendors (Akara, Drognan, Ormus, Jamella and Malah).