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Scrolls are portable items that allow the player to cast useful spells at no mana cost. They are easily recognized by their rolled-up parchment icon.

Diablo III

Scrolls make a return in Diablo III with identical mechanics as their Diablo II counterparts. However, some have been removed from the game during development.

Scroll of Identify.png
  • Scroll of Identify: allows players to identify magical items (removed).[1]
Scroll of Companion.png
  • Scroll of Companion: allows players to summon a small companion animal to collect gold that drops to the floor (removed).[2]
Scroll of Town Portal.png
Scroll of Wealth.png
  • Scroll of Wealth: allowed the player to sell items without having to go back to town (removed).[4]
Scroll of Reforging.png
  • Scroll of Reforging: allowed the players to reroll the stats of a magical item (removed).[5]

Diablo II

In Diablo II, there are only two types of scrolls: Scroll of Identify and Scroll of Town Portal. Both types are extremely useful during your character's travels and can be used by right-clicking on the scroll. If you cannot find enough scrolls, vendors in town sell them.

  • A Scroll of Town Portal opens a magical blue gateway from the wilderness to the nearest town. The Town Portal remains active until your character enters it from town and returns to the place where it was originally cast. Casting a new Town Portal will close any other portals previously created by that character.
  • Scrolls of Identify are used on unidentified magically enchanted items, helping you decide whether to equip or sell them. When you use an Identify scroll, your cursor will change into a question mark. Move the cursor over an unidentified item and left-click to make the magical properties of the item appear in its description. Magic items cannot be used until they have been identified. (The importance of this type of scroll usually decreases when players rescue Deckard Cain in Diablo II, as he identifies all items in your inventory free of charge)

Diablo I

In Diablo I, scrolls of any implemented spell existed. It is used to cast a spell mana-free of the level in your spell book. If you have not learned that spell, it is cast at level 1.