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In singleplayer, you can save (and must save) your game whenever you want. The save files are stored in the game folder and can easily be transferred to other computers. In multiplayer, you can’t save the game. Your character, its stats and items that it has equipped or carries, is saved automatically by the game as soon as you make any changes to it. Thus, there is never any need to save it. The names of the save files are summarized in the tables below.

Game type Name
Singleplayer charater hellsp_#.hsv1
Multiplayer charater hellmp_#.drv1
Singleplayer stash Hell_SP.Hst
Multiplayer stash Hell_MP.Hst
  1. Where # is a number in the range 0-9.

Transferring save files[]

To transfer save files between computers, simply copy the save files over.

If the number of the save file (the # in the name above) is already in use on the new computer, it must be changed it to a non used number in the 0-9 range, if you don't want to loose the other save file. It is very important to make sure you don’t get two characters with the exact same name this way, as the game does not manage to handle such a situation well.

It is not recommend to transfer players or items between single- and multiplayer, or from other mods. It is possible, if you go tricky about it, but it will cause unstable game play. Don't bother posting any bug reports if you do anyway.

Backing up your character[]

In case you are worried of losing your character due to crashes or other computer problems, the easiest way to back up your character is to simply copy the save files to a safe place (a USB pen for example). To restore it later, you simply copy the save file back to the proper folder.

Multiplayer save files in previous versions[]

The original Diablo went into great length to prevent any modification to the multiplayer save file. In The Hell a lot of improvement have been done to make it easier to move multiplayer save files between computers and to make backups of them. If you use an old version of The Hell there are some things you should be aware of:

Version 1.80h[]

The location of the multiplayer save files was moved from the Windows dir to the game dir. This made it easier to find the save files and remember to make backups of them, if the PC was reinstalled. It also made it possible to play the game without administrator rights. This however means that if you are upgrading from a version before 1.80h, then you have to move your multiplayer save files from the Windows dir to the game dir.

Version 1.82d[]

The computer name restriction was removed, so it is possible to move the multiplayer save files between computers with different names. This however have the side effect that you can not use a multiplayer charater in a version before 1.82d, if you have used it in version 1.82d or greater.

The hidden and system attribute was removed from the multiplayer save files and thereby made them viewable with Windows default settings. If you are using a version before 1.82d, then you can see the files by enabling show hidden files and disabling Hide protected operating system files in the Windows file manager, or you can use the guide below.

Unhide multiplayer save files[]

If you are using a version before 1.82d, you can remove the hidden and system attributes from the save files, and thereby you can easily see them without changing any of your system settings.

  1. Press Windowskey+R to bring up the run menu.
  2. Type cmd to start the Command Prompt, if you are using Windows 95/98/Millennium, then type command.
  3. In the black window type what is written with black below. In this example the save files are stored in D:\games\TheHell, you have to change that to where your save files are stored of cause.
C:\Users\pmr>cd "D:\games\TheHell"
D:\games\TheHell>attrib -S -H hellmp_*.drv

Remember that this will only change your current save files, new ones will still be hidden.

Version 1.109[]

A new anti-cheat feature was introduced. This makes it impossible to go back to a previous version, once a character has been used in version 1.109 and above.

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.