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Sand Dwellers as formidable giants that possess great strength. Physically they possess high health and damage making them tough opponents to fight but what makes them dangerous is their Sand Shield ability that reflects all projectiles as well as dealing continuous area damage. Ranged characters with high damage must be especially careful as a few reflected critical hits could kill party members. Elite packs are a huge threat and can easily destroy unprepared parties and require considerable punishment to down. Killing them can be rewarding as they have enhanced drops to compensate for their toughness.


  • Ambush From Below
    Buries into the ground when left alone leaving nothing but hard to notice ground disturbances. Leaps out of the ground when approached. Always created in buried state. Buried state invisible and invulnerable. Elite variants still show visual auras when buried.
  • Massive
    Creature is enormous in size. Ambush From Below can suffer from unbury delay of several seconds during which time the creature is vulnerable and unable to act.
  • Sand Shield
    Temporarily enchants self with a magical shield made of sand. This shield not only deals continuous area damage to anything in melee range but also reflects all hostile projectile attacks that land hits on self. Reflected projectiles will not hurt monsters anymore and will instead hurt the party. Reflected projectiles with homing capability (e.g. Guided Arrow) can convert back to party and retarget if enough distance is traveled. Melee, channel and instant attacks are unhindered. Yes!






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Ancient Guardian.png

Ancient Guardian Horadric Mage Construct

Sand Dweller

Spawn as part of Betrayer of the Horadrim.


Ernutet Guardian of the Veiled Treasure

Sand Dweller

Created as one of the outcomes of the Ancient Device.