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SICK was a Diablo clan and the first to be created on DiabloFans. It was born in the earliest days of the site back in 2006 when the domain had not yet been acquired by Blizzard Entertainment and while Umaro was still running the site. In those days when there was only Diablo III speculation the clan was a large presence on the entire board, and the clan incorporated heavy roleplaying elements into the clan and their forum personas. In the early days this permeated the entire board as many of the most active board members were also clan members, and was further amplified by the fact that Elfen Lied and SilVerSurFnStud, the leaders of SICK, were also the only two moderators on the site at this time.

The clan eventually vanished as time passed and the active membership on DiabloFans changes: old members left or became less active without new members refilling the ranks. Today the clan is dead but many members still have memories of it.

The SICK forums over at DiabloFans have been archived but can still be viewed here: SICK Clan Archives.


SICK is an acronym of Silver Inferno Crusading Knights.

  • Silver: Representing SilVerSurFnStud, the leader and founder of the clan.
  • Inferno: Represents Diablo and the minions of Hell.
  • Crusading Knights: Stands for the members and their task of fighting demons.

Notable Members

The clan was divided into several different groups, the most prominent of which was SLAYERS led by Carloseus and Thasador.