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A rune in Diablo II is a small item which can be placed inside socketed items for bonuses to a wide array of different stats and abilities. Runes can also form runewords, powerful combinations of runes, if certain conditions are met:

  • The number of sockets in the item must be equivalent to the amount of sockets needed for the runeword. If there are too many, the runeword will not work.
  • The item type must be correct. Some runewords only work in weapons, while some only work in armors etc.
  • The runes must be inserted in the correct order.

Upgrading Runes

Runes can be upgraded to higher runes through the Horadric Cube. El through Ort can all be upgraded similarly to gems by placing three of the same type in the cube and receiving one of a higher grade in return.

Higher levels of runes can also be upgraded, but require an additional gem as well. Upgrading to runes higher than Dol can only be done on closed B.Net with ladder characters, or by a single player character.

High Runes

The term 'High Rune'('HR' for short) is a term used by players on Battle.net to refer to the most valuable runes. These are the runes from Mal to Zod. With the release of the D2 expansion Lord of Destruction, HRs replaced the SoJ The Stone of Jordan Ring as the accepted currency among Battle.net players. As a ladder season progresses and the economy stabilizes, the value of HRs drop substantially due to inflation, eventually reaching a point where each high rune shares a common value. This makes it much easier to aquire expensive runes you may need to create high valued Rune Words.

List of Runes

There are 33 runes in total, the lowest which can be found as early as Act 1 Normal and the last which can only be obtained in Act 5 Hell. The table below will rank the runes from most common to rare and also show which boss has the highest dropchance on a given rune.

Nr Name Picture Level Req. Drop Chance Boss Difficulty
1 El El Rune.png 11 50.0570% The Countess Normal
2 Eld Eld Rune.png 11 35.7067% The Countess Normal
3 Tir Tir Rune.png 13 25.2019% The Countess Nightmare
4 Nef Nef Rune.png 13 17.3264% The Countess Nightmare
5 Eth Eth Rune.png 15 18.1371% The Countess Nightmare
6 Ith Ith Rune.png 15 12.3528% The Countess Nightmare
7 Tal Tal Rune.png 17 15.2770% The Countess Nightmare
8 Ral Ral Rune.png 19 10.3674% The Countess Nightmare
9 Ort Ort Rune.png 21 10.8664% The Countess Nightmare
10 Thul Thul Rune.png 23 7.3346% The Countess Nightmare
11 Amn Amn Rune.png 25 6.7373% The Countess Nightmare
12 Sol Sol Rune.png 27 4.5255% The Countess Nightmare
13 Shael Shael Rune.png 29 3.5940% The Countess Nightmare
14 Dol Dol Rune.png 31 2.4055% The Countess Nightmare
15 Hel Hel Rune.png - 1.8576% The Countess Nightmare
16 Io Io Rune.png 35 1.2409% The Countess Nightmare
17 Lum Lum Rune.png 37 0.9323% The Countess Hell
18 Ko Ko Rune.png 39 0.6222% The Countess Hell
19 Fal Fal Rune.png 41 0.4701% The Countess Hell
20 Lem Lem Rune.png 43 0.3136% The Countess Hell
21 Pul Pul Rune.png 45 0.2361% The Countess Hell
22 Um Um Rune.png 47 0.1574% The Countess Hell
23 Mal Mal Rune.png 49 0.1352% The Countess Hell
24 Ist Ist Rune.png 51 0.0901% The Countess Hell
25 Gul Gul Rune.png 53 0.0011% Andariel Hell
26 Vex Vex Rune.png 55 0.0008% Andariel Hell
27 Ohm Ohm Rune.png 57 0.0011% Andariel Hell
28 Lo Lo Rune.png 59 0.0004% Andariel Hell
29 Sur Sur Rune.png 61 0.0004% Duriel Hell
30 Ber Ber Rune.png 63 0.0002% Duriel Hell
31 Jah Jah Rune.png 65 0.0002% Mephisto Hell
32 Cham Cham Rune.png 67 0.0001% Mephisto Hell
33 Zod Zod Rune.png 69 0.00003% Baal Hell