Rogue Encampment (Diablo II)

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Rogue Encampment
Rogue Encampment (Diablo II).jpg
Act Act I
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NPCs Akara, Charsi, Deckard Cain, Gheed, Kashya, Warriv
Music Rogue Encampment
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Normal Nightmare Hell
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Normal Nightmare Hell
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The Rogue Encampment is the first town in Diablo II and the starting point of the game.

It is a makeshift fortress located right next to the Blood Moor. The Rogue Encampment, as its name designates, is the camp set up by the survivors from the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. The Rogue Monastery, guarding the only pass to the east, was attacked by the forces of Hell after Diablo had passed by. There he left Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish, in charge to prevent any eventual pursuers from following him east

Many rogues died or were corrupted by Andariel and started roaming the countryside along with other tainted creatures and demons. Such rogues include Blood Raven (the rogue hero from Diablo I) and Coldcrow.


  • Akara: Rogue Priestess, leader of the rogues. Heals the player, sells potions, scrolls and caster-oriented weaponry.
  • Charsi: The blacksmith of the rogues in the camp. Of barbarian descent.
  • Deckard Cain: Cain resides in the camp after the player has completed the quest The Search for Cain. Identifies items.
  • Gheed: A gambler who is also a merchant.
  • Kashya: Leader of the Rogue army. Provides rogue mercenaries.
  • Warriv: A merchant who provides advice but nothing else. After the last quest, he takes the player to Lut Gholein.