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Rite of Passage
Rite of Passage icon
Quest Giver Qual-Kehk
Quest Area Arreat Summit
Goal Defeat the Ancients in battle.
Reward One level's worth of experience.
Quest Items None
Optional? No
"Every time I hear of you, warrior, your deeds become more legendary." -Qual-Kehk

With Nihlathak's betrayal complete and the Relic of the Ancients in the vile hands of the Lord of Destruction, you must now follow Baal to the summit of Mount Arreat and stop him before he achieves his evil purpose. The Relic lends its bearer safe passage past the sentients of the summit, the Ancients. One who does not carry the Relic, however, must face them in battle, as it is written. You must venture through the remaining frozen caverns of the mountain halls to reach the summit and will fight many terrible demons and Undead left in Baal's trail and then ascend the peak to fight beings from the legends of the Barbarians.

NPC Quest Dialog[]

Quest Activation Dialog[]

Qual-Kehk:"Every time I hear of you, warrior, your deeds become more legendary. But take heed. You are approaching the very summit of Mount Arreat. I have never dared venture there. It is sacred -- our most holy place. The legends say it is guarded by the Ancient Ones, who block the path of all who are unworthy. Your reputation here does not matter...It will be the Ancients who determine your worthiness. Good luck."

After Initiating[]

Anya:"You wouldn't have to test yourself against the Ancients if it weren't for Nihlathak's treachery. He was a fool and deserves to suffer for eternity."

Cain:':"A test of mettle is a fitting rite of passage for a Barbarian hero."

Larzuk:"Every night, I've prayed to the Ancients to bring us peace...and now you must fight them. Huh...Who shall I pray to now, warrior?"

Malah:"By reaching the summit, you cease being just a simple warrior. When you come back, you will be far more."

Qual-Kehk:"The Ancients are not our enemies. Remember that! They are our ancestors -- our gods."

Early Return[]

Ancients:"We are the spirits of the Nephalem, the Ancient Ones. We have been chosen to guard sacred Mount Arreat, wherein the Worldstone rests. Few are worthy to stand in its presence; fewer still can comprehend its true purpose. Before you enter, you must defeat us."

Anya:"Look. I must apologize. I feel responsible for your current struggle. If I had only stopped Nihlathak from giving Baal the Relic, you would not have to fight those ghosts."

Cain:':"We have come too far to be defeated now, my friend. I have seen you complete many difficult quests. Though this may be your greatest trial, it is not beyond your reach."

Larzuk:"You've walked on the burial grounds of our greatest ancestors. I'm not sure whether I should bow before you or revile you for committing sacrilege. Tread lightly when you walk with gods."

Malah:"Do not doubt yourself. I believe you are worthy to pass through the Ancients' gates, but you must believe, as well."

Qual-Kehk:"I warned you! The Ancients are not like the demons you're accustomed to fighting."

Upon Completion[]

Anya:"You stand before me a worthy hero -- and on you rests the last hope of our people. Bear it well, warrior."

Cain:':"You have proven yourself to these people. They look to you as their warrior, their champion."

Larzuk:"The Ancients have honored you, and in turn, so do we. I have no remaining doubts about you, now."

Malah:"I knew the Ancients would find you worthy of Mount Arreat's secrets. Now, stop Baal before he destroys all that is sacred."

Qual-Kehk:"Besting the Ancients in battle is a mighty feat indeed. I hope this means you're ready to battle Baal."

Character Quest Dialog[]

Bloody Foothills Entry[]

Amazon:"The fabled home of the Ancients."

Assassin:"You'll pay for your atrocities, Baal."

Barbarian:"The time has come to cleanse my homeland."

Druid:"Baal, nothing will stand in my way."

Necromancer:"It takes more than a siege to stop me."

Paladin:"Baal, I'm coming for you."

Sorceress:"My magick will break this siege."

Upon Completion[]

Amazon:"Oops. Did I do that?"

Assassin:"I shall prove worthy."

Barbarian:"The guardians of Mount Arreat await."

Druid:"At last, the summit of Mount Arreat."

Necromancer:"The resting place of the Ancients."

Paladin:"The summit, the barbarian holy ground."

Sorceress:"The Ancients must be close."