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Rescue on Mount Arreat
Rescue on Mount Arreat icon.png
Quest Giver Qual-Kehk
Quest Area Frigid Highlands
Goal Free Barbarian soldiers from three prisons.
Reward Mercenaries from Qual-Kehk.
Quest Items Ral, Ort, and Tal runes.
Optional? Yes

With the siege broken on Harrogath and Shenk the Overseer thrown back in to the Abyss, Qual-Kehk now needs to reassemble his men. Many fell in battle to the hordes of demonkind, but some still fight among the far reaches of the frosty slopes, and some fell prey to imprisonment to Baal's army. You must travel just beyond the Bloody Foothills to the Frigid Highlands and find three shabby prisons composed of wooden beams and battle refuse. Be warned, however: they are heavily guarded.

NPC Quest Dialog

Quest Activation Dialog

Qual-Kehk: "My concerns have turned to my men taken prisoner on the battlefield by Baal's demons. I hate to think what's happened to them. As you journey up the mountain, keep your eyes open for my soldiers and bring them back to me if you can."

After Initiating

Anya: "If those men are being treated like I was, you must find them. They won't survive much longer."

Cain: "I know firsthand that captivity is a sad fate for a man. Find them quickly."

Larzuk: "I crafted the swords and armor for Qual-Kehk's men. They were like brothers to me. I can't imagine the pain they must be suffering. Save them if you can!"

Malah: "Qual-Kehk's men have been imprisoned for some time. They are certain to be tired and weak. You must protect them once you free them."

Nihlathak: "You have proven you can take life, warrior, but can you save it as well?"

Qual-Kehk: "Those of my men fortunate enough to escape on their own told me that they were held captive in the highlands and plateaus."

Early Return

Anya: "Well, you found me on the mountain; I'm sure you'll find them too."

Cain: "If you are having trouble finding Qual-Kehk's soldiers, you should talk to Malah. She healed those who made it back before. Perhaps she would have some advice."

Larzuk: "As a kid, I used to play soldier among the barricades on the mountain. There's no easy way through that maze of walls."

Malah: "Soldiers who made it back told of a system of barricades placed among the mountain passes. They said that is where the prisoners are held."

Nihlathak: "Did you ever stop to think why these demons are capturing Qual-Kehk's men? Why they are attacking us? Have you considered what Baal wants with the mountain? No. You've not. You have no idea what you are dealing with."

Qual-Kehk: "They say that discretion, not procrastination, is the better part of valor."

Upon Completion

Anya: "I'm sure those men appreciate the freedom you gave them...as much as I do."

Cain: "You've become a hero to this town, my friend. The shadows have lifted ever since you brought the Light to Harrogath."

Larzuk: "Since your arrival, Cain has spoken of your deeds in the Southern Kingdoms, defeating both Mephisto and Diablo. At first, I scoffed at his tales, but I'm finding them more believable with every passing day."

Malah: "You have inspired the people in this town -- not only those you rescued, but those you've helped in other ways as well."

Nihlathak: "So. You brought the lost sheep home to the shepherd. Well done."

Qual-Kehk: "Thank you for rescuing my men. They have spoken well of your bravery in battle. Perhaps there is hope for us after all. If you wish, you may hire some of my mercenaries that you saved. And please...take this set of runes. I had been saving them for a socketed shield, but I think you'll make better use of them. Be sure to set them in the right order for their fullest effect."

Character Quest Dialog

After Freeing All Soldiers in the Frigid Highlands

Amazon:"Follow me."

Assassin:"Follow me."

Barbarian:"Follow me."

Druid:"Follow me."

Necromancer:"Follow me."

Paladin:"Follow me."

Sorceress:"Follow me."