Requiem of Sorrow

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Requiem of Sorrow
Requiem of Sorrow Icon.png
Modder Talonrage
Latest Release 6.01
Game Diablo II
Patch Version 1.10
Platform Windows
Homepage Homepage
Forum Forum at The Phrozen Keep
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RoS 6.00
Multiplayer (TCP/IP) Fix
Patch 6.01


Hell's Torment: Requiem of Sorrow is a mod developed by Talonrage for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction patch 1.10. The mod features a lot of improvements over the normal game but do not make any massive changes to the gameplay that other mods, like for example Median XL, do. Changes include expanded and retweaked skills, redesigned areas, a host of new unique, set and rune word items, buffed hirelings and improved character progression.

The mod can be made to work with PlugY.


Fighting Baal, Diablo and Mephisto in the Worldstone.

Global Changes

  • Players X Command can be set to 127. The value set makes the game equal to that many players in it (increased from 8).
  • Carry Gold is set to 25,000/Level. Stash Gold is 75,000/Level. No gold loss from stash upon death.
  • Damage Reduced % is capped at 80% (increased from 50%).
  • Increased Maximum Cap for Blocking % Percentage (for shields) to 95% (increased from 75%).
  • Decoupled Blocking % from character Level and Dexterity. Now the characters base chance to block is equal to the Block% on shields as well as any Bonuses from Block Properties (Such as the Passive Skill Shield Mastery).
  • Gambling odds increased : 1% Chance Unique , 3% Chance Set , 16% Chance Rare.
  • Enabled gambling on all class-specific items , wands , staves , and scepters , Jewels , and Runes. Reduced the value of skills multipliers for skills that appear on items.
  • Den of Evil Quest Gives 1/2/3 skill points , Book of Skill Quest gives 1/2/3 Skill Points , and Izual Quest gives 2/3/5 Skill Points. (were #/#/# = Normal / Nightmare / Hell Difficulty)
  • Added new Intro Screen , Tcp/Ip Screen , Game Select Screen , and Character Select Screen. Added new Life/Mana bubble graphics and Horadric Cube Background.
  • Vendor(s) now has(have) higher sales values , giving you more gold for items you sell to them.
  • Changed the Resistance and experience penalty for each difficulty level :
    • Normal resistance penalty is -25% and there is a -10% experience penalty for dying.
    • Nightmare resistance penalty is -70% and there is a -25% experience penalty for dying.
    • Hell resistance penalty is -125% and there is a -50% experience penalty for dying.
  • Changed the Global Text Color for Gold to Orange. This allows better identifacation of Uniques from Rares. Only works with running the game 3D.

Character Changes

  • Increased the maximum experience level to 125.
  • All characters now start with 15 points in each attribute (Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Energy)
  • Every character gets 6 stat points when they level up.
  • Added a 4th skill tree and 14 new skills to every class (11 skills per page).
  • Increased the amount of skill points received upon leveling up.
    • 1 skill point per level for levels 1 - 50
    • 2 skill points per level from levels 51 - 100
    • 3 skill points per level from levels 101 - 125.
  • Reduced mana regeneration for all classes except the Necromancer and Sorceress.
  • No stamina gained per level. All classes gain 1/8th point of stamina per point in Vitality. Faster stamina drain.
  • Implamented a new maming system. Instead of the 3 names received for defeating Normal, Nightmare and Hell, characters receive a special name based on character level. There are a total of 33 new names spanning all 125 levels. The same names applies to all classes.
  • Characters start with no gear , but they do start with a stack of gold they can right-click to get a small sum of gold to buy items with.
  • All characters start with a Horadric Cube.
  • All characters start with a Character Heirloom and five vials of Dragon Blood. At specific levels , you can craft a specific Dragon Vial with the Character Heirloom to increase its special powers. The Character Heirloom acts as a charm that gains power as the character advances in levels (Via Cube Formulas). Each class has a different Heirloom.

Skills Changes

A look at the Assassin's Shadow Disciplines tree.
  • Edited a lot of skills, either adding additional synergy bonuses or improving skill abilities.
  • All characters now have 44 skills.
  • Added a lot of colored skill icon graphics. The graphics are mostly sharp and no bleeding or fuzziness. Added new skill tree formats and removed the cancel button in the top right corner.

Hireling Changes

  • Global Changes :
    • Increased all hireling starting levels by 10. Thus, Normal Act I Rogues can be hired up to Level 13 rather than 3.
    • Increased hit points and defense gained per level by 50%.
    • All Hirelings can equip boots, gloves, belts, rings and amulets.
  • Act I hirelings can only use bows.
    • All: Inner Sight (starts with), Quickness (starts with).
    • Cold: Cold Arrow (starts with), Ice Arrow (level 35), Freezing Arrow (level 65).
    • Fire: Fire Arrow (starts with), Exploding Arrow (level 35), Immolation Arrow (level 65).
  • Act II hirelings can use any spear or polearm, or equip javelins and a shield.
    • All: Jab (starts with), Charged Strike (level 42), Lightning Strike (level 71).
    • Combat: Prayer (normal), Thorns (nightmare), Fanaticism (hell).
    • Defensive: Defiance (normal), Holy Freeze (nightmare), Salvation (hell).
    • Offinsive: Blessed Aim (normal), Might (nightmare), Conviction (hell).
  • Act III hirelings can use 1-handed swords & shields.
    • Cold: Frozen Armor (starts with), Frost Nova (starts with), Glacial Spike (starts with), Blizzard (level 50), Frozen Orb (level 50), Cold Mastery (level 77).
    • Fire: Fire Bolt (starts with), Fireball (starts with) , Firewall (starts with), Meteor (level 50), Hydra (level 50), Fire Mastery (level 77).
    • Lightning: Charged Bolt (starts with), Static Field (starts with), Lightning (starts with), Nova (level 50), Chain Lightning (level 50), Lightning Mastery (level 77).
  • Act V hirelings can use swords & shields.
    • All: Bash (starts with), Stun (starts with), Battle Fury (starts with), Battle Cry (lvl 61) , War Cry (lvl 84).

Monster Changes

  • DiabloClone spawns in Hell difficulty between SoJ (Stone of Jordan) counts 200-300. Selling a SoJ autospawns DiabloClone.
    • Note: The SoJ must be the +1 Skills SoJ. The +2 Skills SoJ Will not work.
  • Tougher Monsters in all difficulties. Increased hit points by 25%, increased block chance by 50%, increased damage by 33%, and increased defense by 50%. Experience awards increased by 25%.
  • SuperUnique monsters now have better drops (1 in 7 chance of at least 1 unique or set item + normal drops). SuperUniques now drop specific "bonus" items. Items "upgrade" in Nightmare/Hell difficulties.
  • The Ancients now give slight experience and drops items when killed.
  • Added 82 new monsters (animations) total. They are found throughout Acts I-V as well as in Hell's Torment.
  • Andarial, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal all drop runes for their completed quest reward, in addition to thier normal drops.

Item Changes

One of the new unique items
  • Added 1348 total unique items. Uniques all have 2 varients that can be dropped, plus 80% have an "elite" version that can be dropped by higher level monsters.
  • Added various unique items to specific SuperUnique Monsters.
  • Added 420'ish mew unique item graphics.
  • Added 100 new sets, comprising 421 set pieces.
  • Added 170 new runewords.
  • Added 243 new Horadric Cube formulas.
  • Greatly increased the Horadric Cube storage space.
  • Boots, belts, and gloves can all have 1 socket (uses the armor socket properties).
  • Increased the stack sizes of arrows (500), bolts (400), keys (50), and Tomes (75).
  • Increased the stack sizes of Throwing Potions. Added Cold Bombs and Lightning Bombs as well.
  • Added Fire Resist and Cold Resist Potions. Stamina, Thawing, Antidote, Fire Resist & Lightning Resist Potions now have better descriptions and tell exactly what they do.
  • Added 4 new Healing Potions, 2 recover life and 2 recover mana.
  • Added a new gem type. These new gems are rare to find , do not upgrade via shrines , and require 4 of each type to upgrade to next value.
  • Added Potions of Knowledge to monster drops. These items will be rare (and have level requirements) , but if found they can be drunk for a boost to experience points. Experience gained from these are fully aquired and do not suffer any reduction because of player level (unlike experience gained from monsters).
  • Added new Throwing Potions. All four elements are now covered. Added two additional potion bomb grades. Made them sellable at certain vendors.
  • Runes now display as purple for better identification.

Prefix/Suffix Changes

  • Redone the entire Prefix/Suffix tables.
  • Added maximum level requirements on drops preventing very low level items in higher difficulties.
  • There are now over 1700 total Prefixes/Suffixes.

New magical Item Properties

  • Added 86 new Magical Properties.
  • New abilities included such as Increased Attack Speed based on Strength, All Resistances Permenantly set to 0, + Attribute % (i.e. +20% Strength, etc.), more.

Area/Map Changes

  • Remapped a lot of areas , expanding them by adding new rooms, items, objects, superuniques, etc.
    • Andariel and Duriel are in The Worldstone Keep, and both Diablo and Mephisto have joined Baal against the player inside The Worldstone Chamber on all difficulties.
  • Added a new dungeon called Hell's Torment. This dungeon is 50 levels deep, and has over 50 SuperUniques with their own specific drop tables. There are also 10 new waypoints that can be found and activated in the Ice Caves on Levels 4, 9, 14, 19, etc. The area can only be accessed in Hell difficulty. The player must kill Baal and retrieve the special Hell's Torment Key. The key must be cubed with a Book of Town Portal in Act V Harrogath to open a portal to the entrance.
  • Added a new trap door in Travincal to get to the Durance of Hate. Khalim's Will must still be asssembled and the Compelling Orb destroyed in order to to access Durance of Hate or the Burial Chamber.
  • Added some 80 new monsters to Act I through Act V.
  • Added a completely new level for Izual. Were he used to spawn is now a staircase going down into his chamber as well as a new Waypoint for you to use.


  • Many of the reworked skill icons for each class are icons from skills in World of Warcraft.
  • Of the 33 new monster animations most come from the Infinity Engine games Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. Some sets, for example Amaunator's Peace, also borrow their names from the Dungeons & Dragons universe.
  • Many of the set items in the mod such as Myrghinoc's Warbreeder, Nefarius Ways and Onyx's Horrid Transformation are named after members at The Phrozen Keep.

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