Rare Items (Diablo II)

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Rare items are just that--higher in rarity than Magic Items, thus appearing less often. Rare items are denoted by their name being shown in yellow. Like Magic items, Rares have randomly selected magical attributes. The difference is, Rares can have 2 to 6 affixes to them. The two-word name added to a Rare item is randomly generated, and has no bearing on the affixes on it.

Selected Magical Properties

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Affixes are selected by the game for Rare items in the same manner as magic items. However, it randomly picks each one, with a 50/50 chance of it being a prefix or a suffix. One Rare item can't have more than 3 prefixes or 3 suffixes. (Jewels can only have two of each, instead of three). A single prefix or suffix can't be picked more than once. One Rare also can't have more than one prefix or suffix from the same group (a set of prefixes or suffixes that have the same effect, in progressively larger amounts). This means you can't get two prefixes or two suffixes that do the same thing on one item. However, a prefix and a suffix with the same effect are possible.