Rage (Diablo I)

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Rage (Diablo I).png
Magic Requirements
Spell Level 1 {{{StartMagic}}}
Requires 255 at Level {{{EndMagic}}}
Mana Cost
Initial Mana Cost {{{StartMana}}}
Reduction per Spell Level {{{ReduceMana}}}
Lowest Mana Cost {{{EndMana}}}
Barbarian skill

Rage is a ridiculously useless spell that, thanks to a bug, at least has a marginal use. For 12 seconds, it adds 2 times your class level to strength and 1.5 times your class level to dexterity. After those 12 seconds, the base values are temporarily reduced by the same amount for another 12 seconds.

What then happens is that the Barbarian suffers a permanent life loss equal to twice his vitality. However simply clicking on an item in the players inventory will remove this.