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Radament's Lair
Radament's Lair icon.png
Quest Giver Atma
Quest Area Sewers Level 3
Goal Kill Radament
Reward Skill Point and lowered prices.
Quest Items Horadric Scroll
Optional? Yes

Radament's Lair is located on the third level of the Sewers. (NOTE: There is a waypoint located on level 2.) You will know you're getting close to Radament when you start seeing Horrors (black skeletons that deal lightning damage) in addition to the Burning Dead and Burning Dead Archers (red skeletons that deal fire damage), which you have encountered before. Also, the quest notification button should pop up, telling you to kill Radament.

Radament is surrounded by a horde of skeletal servants. You may want to dispose of his minions first, but in order to prevent Radament from reviving them, it's best to use cold attacks. This will cause the skeletons to freeze and shatter upon death, leaving no corpse to revive. Another strategy is to lure the skeletons away from Radament and kill them out of his sight, but as Radament is Extra Fast, he does tend to follow players, so be warned. Without his minions to help him, Radament should go down fast. It's most likely that players will get poisoned by his poison breath, so bringing Antidote Potions or stacking Poison Resistance might be a good idea.

When you kill Radament, bolts of holy energy start shooting down from his body, which will also finish off any remaining undead. Radament drops a unique tome when players kill him for the first time. The tome is named Book of Skill, and it grants the player an extra skill point. (Note: Repeatedly killing Radament after the quest has been completed does not yield more Books of Skill.) Also, the glowing chest found in the lair holds the Horadric Scroll, which is used to activate the next quest, The Horadric Staff. When you return to town and speak to Atma, she rewards you by speaking of your bravery to the merchants of Lut Gholein, all of whom will now offer discounted prices on their merchandise for the rest of the game.

NPC Quest Dialog

Quest Activation Dialog

Atma:"I don't expect this of you, but if you help me, I would be grateful. In the sewers below our city, there lurks a horrid creature that hungers for human flesh. The creature has killed many, including my son and my husband. If you destroy it, I will reward you. Please be careful though, that beast has taken enough from us already. The sewer entrance is through the trap door just up the street."

After Initiating

Atma: "The creature makes its lair in the tunnels beneath the city. He butchered my husband and son... I simply cannot bear to talk about it."

Deckard Cain: "The Horadrim used to mummify their highest mages, and infuse them with spells that would allow them to protect their tombs, even after death. I have no idea why one of them would be acting so malevolently. Perhaps Drognan or Fara would know more about this."

Drognan: "Fara and I have been talking about the creature recently. From my studies, I have deduced that it is Radament the Fallen, an ancient Horadric Mummy that has for some reason left his tomb to prey on mortals. I'm doing some more research now. If you check back later, I may have some more insight as to his nature."

Elzix: "I hear that the creature kills his victims in order to hack off their limbs! I guess that makes me a less likely candidate, eh? (chuckles)"

Fara: "I believe that the creature you refer to is one of the ancient Horadric mummies from the tombs that lie beneath the desert sands. It is unusual for one of his kind to be so far from his resting place. I sense in this entity a restless and malevolent spirit."

Geglash: "Hey... Don't touch my drink or I'll bore a hole into your skull with my thumb."

Greiz: "I've personally found some of that devil's victims washed up out of the sewer. Often, they are missing limbs or a head, and their bodies have always been skinned. At first the creature raided the town at night... That's how Atma lost her family. Now we've got him barricaded in the sewers. You're safe up here on the surface, but every now and again some fool wants to be a hero and heads down to the waste tunnels with a pig-sticker."

Lysander: "I hear that beast is after body parts. Does he eat them? Oooh… Ghastly!"

Meshif: "There are two entrances to the sewers, I believe. One of them is right near here, down by the water beneath the docks. I can see it from my ship, and you can bet I keep an eye on it every night."

Warriv: "I've heard tales of walking corpses out in the desert at night, though I've never actually seen one."

Early Return

Atma: "I am starting to have second thoughts about my request... I couldn't bear the thought of you losing your life on my behalf. Please be careful."

Deckard Cain: "The Horadric mummies were created to protect the tombs, but Radament is far from his burial chamber. Given the aberrations that have been witnessed lately, it comes as no surprise that even the ancient guardian spells have begun to unravel. Be wary of this as you venture farther into the desert."

Drognan: "I've just been reading something interesting about this sort of undead. Apparently, certain Horadric funereal priests altered the bodies of their dead mages with magical and surgical techniques -- often replacing body parts with those of animals. This was thought to augment their powers, and raise their status in the afterlife."

Elzix: "If you're going to fight that thing, use some common sense. Be knowledgeable about what harms the undead. Poison, for instance, will have little effect."

Fara: "I've just been reading something interesting about this sort of undead. Apparently, certain Horadric funereal priests altered the bodies of their dead mages with magical and surgical techniques -- often replacing body parts with those of animals. This was thought to augment their powers, and raise their status in the afterlife."

Geglash: "Ah-hah! Back for a small shot of courage... Believe me, it doesn't help for long. Drinks, barkeep!"

Greiz: "We've been meaning to send an organized group down there to kill that thing, but it would be dangerous. We just can't afford the chance of losing any men with all the trouble that's going on in the desert."

Lysander: "Huh? Peppermint? Oh, Radament! Yes, yes. Ooh, a foul creature... Some of my exploding potions should do quite nicely against him. They usually work well against the undead."

Meshif: "I noticed a rotting, human arm floating in the harbor this morning. I suspected foul play, so I told Greiz. He didn't seem too concerned since there haven't been any folk reported missing lately."

Warriv: "Death is not afraid of the living, but the living abhor death."

Upon Completion

Atma: "Some say the taste of revenge is bitter sweet, but I find it to my liking.In addition to my undying gratitude, I have spoken on your behalf with the rest of the townspeople. The merchants have agreed to show their gratitude by offering their wares and services at lower rates. Oh... Jerhyn wants to see you, too. You'll find him in front of the palace."

Deckard Cain: "If you haven't already, tell Atma that Radament is dead. It may help to ease the weight of her mourning."

Drognan: "From what you tell me, it would seem that Radament was bent on the task of reviving his own mummified corpse with the flesh of the living. This is very unusual indeed. It takes an incredible magic power to alter the singular purpose of an undead mind. Perhaps there is a power at work here which is beyond my ken."

Elzix: "We ran into one of those old tomb guardians when I ran with my bandits. I know they aren't easy foes to face, so you sure have my respect. Have you told Atma yet?"

Fara: "As you have helped Atma and all of us, so shall I help you."

Geglash: "Whoah oh... 'Radament the Fallen', is it? I've fallen off many a barstool and no one calls me 'Geglash the Fallen'. They might go so far as to say, 'Geglash, you've fallen!'"

Greiz: "You've killed Radament, eh? That's quite a nice piece of work! If you ever need a job as a mercenary, I'd be happy to sign ya' up."

Lysander: "Uh... Little of what I am able to hear is of any value. Radament's death, however, is news worth hearing. I'm sure Atma will be glad to hear of this."

Meshif: "Good job mate! At night out on my ship, I was often awakened by that fiend's awful moaning. I bet I rest easier now."

Warriv: "Atma's been telling everyone what you've done for her."

Character Dialog

Radament's Lair Entry

"Ugh, this place disgusts me."

Upon Radament's Death

Necromancer: "What a waste of undead flesh."

Druid: "Radament... return to dust."

Barbarian: "I've just about had my fill of the walking dead,"

The others: "Atma has been avenged."