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This data according to the version 1.168

Most quests are only available in single player mode, but some are present in both single and multiplayer. The table below lists each quest and the unique item (if any) you receive when you complete the quest. Normally you get it from the person who initiated the quest. Those unique items are only available in single player. Note that you don’t receive all quests in every game (although some are always present), as they are randomly selected for each game.

List of quests

dlvl Quest Activated by Reward
1 The Butcher Wounded Townsman Random magic items
2 Poisoned Water Supply Pepin Ring of Purity (varies for difficulty)
3 (211) The Curse of King Leoric Ogden Random magic items
4 Ogden’s Sign Ogden Peasant Cap (varies for difficulty)
5 The Magic Rock Griswold Empyrean Band (varies for difficulty)
5 Valor Book Arkaine’s Valor (varies for difficulty & class)
6 The Chamber of Bone Book Hydra spell level: +1, random magic items
7 Halls of the Blind Book Amulet of the Brume (varies for difficulty)
72 Lost Treasure Wirt Random magic items
8 Zhar the Mad Zhar the Mad Random magic item
92 The Infested Cellar Pepin Random magic items
10 Anvil of Fury Griswold A unique weapon (varies for difficulty & class)
11 Gharbad the Weak Gharbad Random magic items
11 Island of the Sunless Sea Farnham Random magic items
12 Black Mushroom Adria Spectral Elixir
122 Maiden of Anguish Gilian Statpoints (2 on Horror, 8 on Purgatory, 20 on Doom)
13 Warlord of Blood Book Random magic items
14 Lachdanan Lachdanan Veil of Steel (varies for class and difficulty)
14 The Cursed Blade Tremain Blacksmith oils (varies for difficulty), random magic items, XP, gold
15 Archbishop Lazarus Cain the Elder Random magic item, gold
16 Diablo Cain the Elder Random magic items
17 Celia's Toy Little Girl Spiritual Treasure (varies for class and difficulty)
19 The Fallen Angel Gilian Experience, random magic items
23 Horazon's Demons Book Random magic items
  1. dlvl for mp
  2. dlvl which need to visit to activate quest. Enter to quest location opens in town.

How quests are chosen

In single player, the quests that will appear in a single game are chosen at random. But there is some structure in the way they are chosen. These quests are always present in every game: The Chamber of Bone, Archbishop Lazarus and Diablo. The other quests are all organized into groups. From each group a specific number of quests are chosen for every game. The table below summarizes the different groups and how many quests from each group are chosen each game.

Quests in each group Number Chosen
The Curse of King Leoric, Poisoned Water Supply, The Infested Cellar, Lost Treasure 2
The Butcher, Gharbad the Weak, Ogden’s Sign 2
The Magic Rock, Valor, Halls of the Blind, The Cursed Blade 2
Zhar the Mad, Black Mushroom, Anvil of Fury, Island of the Sunless Sea 2
Warlord of Blood, Lachdanan, Maiden of Anguish, Horazon's Demons, The Fallen Angel 2


The Butcher

This quest is present if you see a wounded townsman outside the church (in multiplayer it is always present). You will find The Butcher in a special red room on level 1. Killing him rewards you with a random magical item.

Poisoned Water Supply

This quest is present if the water in the fountain is yellow instead of blue. You will then find an entrance (dark passage) on level 2 to the small mini level where you solve the quest. To solve it, simply kill all monsters in the mini level. Go back to Pepin to get the Ring of Purity. You will know you have killed them all when the water runs blue again. The architecture of the level, its population and the rewards depend on difficulty mode.

The Curse of King Leoric

If you have this quest you will find an entrance to Skeletons King’s Lair somewhere on level 3. His lair is a mini level with lots of skeletons and hidden rooms. Pull all levers and attack all crucifixes to reveal the secrets. Beware, because in single player, the Skeleton King has the ability to raise dead skeletons. His Tomb will be very different on each difficulty level.

In multiplayer Skeleton King is simply running around somewhere on level 21. Instead of being able to raise skeletons, he has the ability to steal life in multi player. When you kill him he will drop 2 random magic items.

Ogden’s Sign

In this quest, the stair from level 4 down to level 5 is blocked by Snotspill, who wants you to go around the block and fetch him the Tavern Sign. But so does Ogden. If you bring the sign to Ogden, he will give you the Peasant Cap (quality dependent on difficulty). Snotspill will attack you regardless of whether you give him the sign or not.

The Magic Rock

If you have this quest, you will find a rock on a pedestal somewhere on level 5. Bring the rock back to Griswold and he will give you Empyrean Band.


If you have this quest, you will find a special set of rooms on level 5 with the shape of a cross. If you enter the double doors, you will find the first blood stone. Put it on the book with the pedestal in the same room. That will open up another door in the room shaped like a cross (go outside to find it). Inside the newly opened room you find yet another blood stone. Bring it back to the book too and a third room will be opened up. In it you find the third blood stone, which, if placed on the book, will open up the final part of the "cross". In it you will find Arkaine’s Valor. Its abilities and quality depend on your class and difficulty level.

The Chamber of Bone

This quest is always present in single player. You must first read the book on level 6, which activates the quest. When you do, the entrance (a stair on level 6) will open up and you can go to the mini level where you solve the quest. Pull both levers to open secret rooms. In the center of the mini level you will find the chamber of bones (lots of bones there).

Behind it you will find another room with a book. When you read the book inside the final room you have finished the quest and will gain a spell level of Guardian.

The chests found in the small rooms on the mini level will create items as if they came from a unique monster, that is, they will always be magical, have a higher probability of being unique and will drop much better items on higher difficulty modes.

Halls of the Blind

This quest is present if you find a room shaped like an "8" on level 7. After reading the book on the same level, two doors will open to the "8". Kill all Nightmares inside it and the Amulet of the Brume will drop in the upper of the two small rooms inside the "8".

Lost Treasure

Another quest that never made it into the final release of Diablo. You will know you can get this quest if a closed Crypt entrance is found right next to the entrance to the Church (very close to where the Wounded Townsman can be found). After entering level 7, speak to Wirt and he will mutter about a map "between a rock and a tree before the bridge". You can find the map near the bridge to the cows, following the river upwards from the Abyss entrance. The map will point to the aforementioned crypt entrance, which will now be opened. It will first lead to a short dungeon level crawling with fire-themed monsters. The two levels after that are large snow/ice cavern areas full of golems and undead, where your mana will turn dark blue and slowly degenerate while your attacks become slower. Reward at the end of the second cavern is a chest full of random treasure.

Zhar the Mad

You will find Zhar the Mad in a room with a book case on level 8. He will give you a book if you talk to him. As soon as you touch the book case, he will attack you (the book case will not drop any book). When you kill him he will drop a random magical item. To make the book case drop a book, you need to either use telekinesis on it before you talk to Zhar the Mad, or you should talk to Zhar the Mad a second time before touching the book case; after beating him you will then get a book from the book case.

Any book from Zhar the Mad or his book case is created from an ilvl equal to 2•dlvl(in other words, up to qlvl 16 books can be dropped here). The item he drops when you kill him is created normally as from a unique monster.

The Infested Cellar

The first of the quest that were intended but never made it into the final release of Diablo. After visiting 9 dlvl Pepin will tell you about wyrms that infected the cellar of his unfortunate patient. The house opposite of Pepin's home will open. You must kill every last monster in the cellar to complete your quest here. Once you are done, the large chests waiting within, as well as a random magical ring given to you by Pepin upon returning to him alive, will be your rewards.

Island of the Sunless Sea

When you reach dlvl 10, if you visit Farnham, he may mutter something about an Island of the Sunless Sea, while providing the advice of shielding your eyes. If you have this quest, you will see 3 angelic looking statues in dlvl 11, in a randomized location. These statues are the portal to the Island itself, but you must solve a puzzle to open it. This quest level is strange in features. Your regeneration is boosted, but you will suffer from a penalty to your -DFE, and you will be attacked by an army of the Corrupt Order, led by the unique monster Mordessa. Additionally almost all obstacles are water pools so the level labyrinth is not shown on minimap. After she and her army lay dead, your reward is a dozen chests. There are 6 in the upper and lower corners of the map, and they always drop magical/unique items.

Black Mushroom

This is one of the most complicated quests in Diablo. After finding a fungal tome on level 12 and bringing it to Adria, the quest is initiated. You will then be able to find a huge black mushroom on level 12. Giving the mushroom to Adria will make her tell you about the demon’s brain and that you should take the brain to Pepin. The first monster you kill after Adria tells you about the brain will indeed drop a brain. It does not necessarily have to be a demon, for any monster will drop it. Take the brain to Pepin, who will give you an elixir that you should give to Adria. Finally, take the elixir to Adria and she will tell you that you can keep it. It is the Spectral Elixir. It will give you +1 to all attributes.

Gharbad the Weak

You will find Gharbad the weak somewhere on level 11. Talk to him and then go away (off screen so you don’t see him) and then come back. You will now receive a random magical item. Go away again, and the next time you come back and talk to him he will tell you he is almost finished. The third time you come back to him, he will attack you. When killed he drops a random magical item of 'Mace' type.

Anvil of Fury

The anvil can be found on a small peninsula on level 10. It is heavily guarded by lots of monsters. Bring the anvil back to Griswold and he will give you a specific unique weapon depending on your class. The types of monsters guarding the Anvil and the quality of the prize depend on difficulty mode.

Maiden of Anguish

After visiting the 12th dungeon level, Gillian will speak to you about strange lights that lure away men from the town and they never return. In town a crack will appear where Adria's hut is in Vanilla Diablo similar to the quick entrance to hell. Andariel's dungeon has two floors and each floor features life degeneration for your character, so it is extremely advised to stock up on health replenishing provisions. Wearing an item with the "+100% Life Regeneration" affix will slow down the degeneration process, extending the time limit in which you can clear each floor before inescapable death claims you. If one happens to be using the Mana Shield spell, it will, of course, drain his/her mana instead, at which point you will greatly appreciate mana provisions and maybe an item with the "+100% Mana Regeneration" affix. After clearing both dungeon levels and destroying the Maiden of Anguish herself, Gillian will give two free stat points that you can use on any stat. These bonus points respect Mordor's stat limitations, however, so doing this quest with maxed attributes may be ill advised if going for efficiency

Warlord of Blood

If you find lots of Chaos Knights on level 13, you have this quest. After reading the book on this level, the room next to the stairs down to level 14 will open up and you can fight the Warlord of Blood. After killing him, don’t forget to collect all the magical items on the racks in his room.


Lachdanan is a unique Ghost Warrior that you will find on level 14. If you have this quest you will also find other Chaos Knights on this level. He asks you for the golden elixir, which can be found somewhere on level 15. Bring it to him and he will give you the Veil of Steel. Its affixes depend on that of your character class, and the quality of those stats depends on difficulty mode.

The Cursed Blade

After entering dlvl 14, upon returning to town you will see Tremain the Priest standing in front of the towns well, on the pathway leading to Adria. He tells you about a returning hero speaking of a cursed blade and Fleshdoom. Returning to dlvl 14, you will find a small 'C' shapes wall with the entrance to the Pit of Flame. You will receive a penalty to your fire resistance, as well as encounter fire and lightning casting enemies. After a series of loops, you will encounter Fleshdoom and around 20 enemies of previously encountered enemies in the level. After killing Fleshdoom, will you enter the City of the Damned, with an even further decrease to your fire resistance. At the end of the level you will find the Wielder of Shadowfang, killing him and returning to the priest with Shadowfang will kill the priest. Upon his death he will state taking the blade to the Hellforge, the next quest area. The area is a small rectangular area, with many burning crosses as well as a further decrease to your fire resistance. Around 20-30 enemies with spawn surrounding Hephasto the Armorer. Be careful to not click on any of the cauldrons as their effect is not yet know, there are about 8. Killing Hephasto and destroying the blade will grant you 10 blacksmith oils, as well as and magic items off of the armor and weapon racks.

Archbishop Lazarus

On level 15, you will find the Staff of Lazarus. Take it to Cain and he will initiate the quest. A red portal will open up on level 15, adjacent to the pentagram. It takes you to Lazarus’ lair, a small mini level (monster numbers and dungeon architecture vary per difficulty mode). You will find two Books of Vileness. Stand on the small pentagram near each one and read the books. They will teleport you to new sections of the mini level. After reading both books, a new pentagram will appear at the place where you entered the mini level. Standing on it will teleport you into Lazarus’ room. Kill him and the red portal will once more appear at the entrance to the mini level. If you take it back to level 15 you will see that the pentagram has turned red and it takes you to level 16.

In multiplayer, you will not find the Staff of Lazarus. Lazarus himself will be in the upper corner of level 15, in a small room. Kill him to open/activate the pentagram to level 16.


Diablo will be in a random area somewhere in level 16, surrounded by Magistrates. He will drop multiple magical items when killed.

Celia's Toy

You will find a little girl standing close to the bridge just above the one that leads to the Abyss. She will only appear once you have been to the Abyss. When you kill Malantor on level 3 of Abyss, he will drop Theodore, the teddy bear. Take it to the little girl and she will give you a unique amulet. The affixes depend on your character class, and the qualities of those affixes depend on difficulty mode on which you finish this quest.

The Fallen Angel

After reaching the Abyss, if you talk to Gillian, she may say something about Farnham muttering the name 'Izual'. If you ask her further about the quest, she reveals that maybe it wasn't a key in a barrel, but a barrel that is the key. On dlvl 19, you will find an entrance to the Passage of Fire. You can find this easily by keeping on the lookout for a boxed area, accessible only from the south corner. After you enter the passage, you must go all the way down, searching for the barrel that is the key, until you make it to the end. After the barrel is destroyed, a red portal opens to Izual's Lair. Once you enter, you can hear him ask the hero "How much suffering, mortal, does it take, before you lose your grace?". Be forewarned, as his level's feature is a reduction in all resists, and there are a lot of Lightning-cast mobs. Your job here is to find and kill Izual, along with his army of minions on the level. Once you are done here, your rewards are what the mobs drop, and the chests positioned near Izual's location. Upon returning to Gillian, she will give the hero 50k EXP on Horror, 500k EXP on Purgatory, and 2 million EXP on Doom.

Horazon's Demons

The biggest quest of The Hell mod. This starts on 23 dlvl after reading a tome warning you to go away from the entrance to Horazon's rooms. This dungeon contains 2 big and 1 small quest floors with two hard bosses, one of which will be a familiar foe from vanilla Hellfire. Feature of this quest is disabling teleportation spells (warp, teleport, phasing). The only rewards for this quest are the items that the bosses drop, as well as the large chests that are positioned in the prison chamber inside the Summoning Room.

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.