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Patch Notes

* Note: certain item changes will not apply retroactively to already existing items.

- Patch 1.05

      Major bugs

- Fixed copy-protection for various CD, DVD, and CD-R drives.
- Barbarians wielding two potions are no longer prevented from entering
- Socketed items were mistakenly and irreversibly de-randomized in 1.04.
  Now their gem effect values are taken from the upper end of their
  original (pre-1.04) random ranges.
- Fixed all spell ranges. They were mistakenly reduced in v1.04.
- Fixed a bug that prevented deleting some Characters.
- Fixed numerous foreign language display problems.

      Minor bugs

- Fixed a bug in the trade screen when the Horadric Cube was open.
- Duplicate ladder entries should no longer occur.
- The Ladders scroll properly now when there are less than 999 entries.
- Realm characters should no longer appear as robed.
- Fixed a bug allowing users to appear in a channel twice.
- If the user cannot connect to a default realm, a "Realm down" message
  is displayed.
- Fixed the "packet sniffing" exploit used when gambling.
- High-durability items no longer lose durability when you join a 
  game after exiting or dying.
- The Conversion skill no longer causes a monster counting error in the
  Den of Evil.


- A prompt now appears informing the user to delete characters when they 
  have greater than eight characters in a Realm.
- Player profiles now have a link to their ladder records, if they are
  in the top 999.
- A "connecting to realm" message was added.

      Balance Changes

- The Paladin's Concentration skill now enhances the damage of Blessed 
  Hammer just as it did in 1.03. The damage displayed on the Character
  screen is correct, too.
- The Amazon's Strafe skill now correctly enhances base bow damage rather 
  than total bow damage. 
- The Amazon's Guided Arrow skill now enhances base bow damage rather
  than total bow damage.