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Paladins are versatile warriors, who believe in discipline and war art. They have mastered the usage of shield and can block the most powerful of enemy attacks with it. Their potential in building defense is unmatched and it lets them survive the most horrible of the battles with demons in the Underworld. They don't deny magic but their potential in this area is limited. They usually use defensive and healing spells.

They can't make a good use of (cross)bows. But they wield sharp and blunt weapons better than any other class, and they always use the weapon with a shield (their war ethics doesn't allow for two-weapon style because it brings down their defense). They are keen on weapons and armor and can repair damaged items on their own, albeit at a small price of decreasing item's maximum durability.


Strength is key to doing good damage, when starting a paladin you will want to keep this in mind. Remember to occasionally invest in dexterity and vitality so you can effectively tank. When in the presence of ranged enemies, try to charge up to them and give them a good beating. As a melee character, effectively herding your enemies toward yourself is a good thing to learn. With good herding skills, you can vanquish your enemies at your leisure without being surrounded by your foes. Later in the game you should have high strength, good dexterity to hit enemies with, good vitality to tank with and enough magic to use a few spells.


Stats to focus on, in order of importance: STR, DEX, VIT, MAG

Starting Maximum[1] Purpose
Strength 25 240 Wearing gear, blocking melee attacks and doing damage.
Magic 5 60 Wearing jewelry, reading books, mana regain and total mana.
Dexterity 15 160 Wearing gear, chance to dodge attacks, chance to hit and block.
Vitality 20 180 Wearing armor, Max -DFE, life regain, effect of healing, stun threshold and total life.
Life 80 658 Staying alive.
Mana 5 109 Casting spells.
DFE (cap)[2] -10 -90 Reduces damage taken from enemies
Armor 6 32 Reduces the chance enemies will hit you.

Special properties

  • Deals +25% damage to Undead with sharp/blunt weapons. (since v1.127)
  • Increased damage of Holy Bolt spell. (since v1.207)


  • Total life = 3•Vitcharacter + 2,5•Vititems + 2•clvl + Lifeitems + 18
  • Total mana = 1•Magcharacter + 1•Magitems + 1•clvl + Manaitems - 1
  • Total armor = Dex/5 + ACitems
  • Minimum DFE (cap) = Vitcharacter/2
  • Melee damage resistance = (Rnd[24 + (Vitbase / 8)] + 25)% (min25%max70,5%)
  • Base damage: (clvl * Str) / 50 (since v1.59c)
  • Critical hits
    • PvM melee: (clvl / 4 + 12)% chance for 300% damage (since v1.185)
    • PvM missile: no criticals (since v1.85)
  • ToHit bonuses: melee +10% (since v1.101), missile +40% (since v1.65g), spells 0% (since v1.70d RC6).
  • MvP autohit (a minimum chance of monsters hitting a player) in single player: melee 20% (since v1.153), missile 14% (since v1.100k).

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.

  1. Listed maximum stats are for a level 50 assassin with all her ability points maxed out, and without items or spell effects.
  2. In singleplayer, DFE is also capped at -25 on Horror mode and at -50 on Purgatory mode.