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Affiliation Splinter group of the Zakarum
Homeland Probably Khanduras or Westmarch
Voice Actor Larry B. Scott

The Paladin is one of the five original classes in Diablo II, along with the Amazon, Barbarian, Necromancer and Sorceress. He is a melee-oriented character, with any auras and abilites to augment his own abilities and stats or crippling his enemies. The Paladin is however not limited to close-range combat, as one of the most successful builds in the game, the Hammerdin, utilizes the skill Blessed Hammer for damage.

The Paladin is originally a warrior of the Zakarum faith, protecting the believers in a dangerous world and working to convert unbelievers. As of the events in Diablo II however, there has been a split in the Church, with the Paladins rejecting the now corrupted leadership in Kurast. The player belongs to a Paladin of this faction.


Starting Attributes Level Up Attribute Point Effect
Strength 25
Dexterity 20
Vitality 25 +3 Life
+1 Stamina
Energy 15 +1.5 Mana
Life 55 +2
Mana 15 +1.5
Stamina 89 +1


Prayer (Diablo II)Cleansing (Diablo II)Meditation (Diablo II)Defiance (Diablo II)Vigor (Diablo II)Redemption (Diablo II)Resist Fire (Diablo II)Resist Cold (Diablo II)Resist Lightning (Diablo II)Salvation (Diablo II)Might (Diablo II)Blessed Aim (Diablo II)Concentration (Diablo II)Fanaticism (Diablo II)Holy Fire (Diablo II)Holy Freeze (Diablo II)Holy Shock (Diablo II)Thorns (Diablo II)Sanctuary (Diablo II)Conviction (Diablo II)Sacrifice (Diablo II)Zeal (Diablo II)Vengeance (Diablo II)Conversion (Diablo II)Holy Bolt (Diablo II)Blessed Hammer (Diablo II)Fist of the Heavens (Diablo II)Smite (Diablo II)Charge (Diablo II)Holy Shield (Diablo II)Paladin Skill Trees (Diablo II).png
Defensive Auras Offensive Auras Combat Skills
Level 1 Prayer, Resist Fire Might Sacrifice, Smite
Level 6 Defiance, Resist Cold Holy Fire, Thorns Holy Bolt
Level 12 Cleansing, Resist Lightning Blessed Aim Zeal, Charge
Level 18 Vigor Concentration, Holy Freeze Vengeance, Blessed Hammer
Level 24 Meditation Holy Shock, Sanctuary Conversion, Holy Shield
Level 30 Redemption, Salvation Fanaticism, Conviction Fist of the Heavens


During the mid-twelfth century, after the Church of Zakarum had gained prominence in the East, the Church decreed that the visions of Akarat would be spread throughout the known world in order to redeem the masses. Thus, the Church selected a group of its most charismatic and devoted priests and sent them on a mission to proselytize the people of the West.

Unfortunately, the Church had not prepared these men for the rigors of travel nor the hazards of the world. The priests who survived their missions recounted tales of harsh weather, inadequate supplies, attacks from bandits and even encounters with horrible monsters. To ensure the success of future missions, the Church set about training holy warriors, Paladins, to accompany and safeguard their missionaries. In practice, these "Protectors of the Word" proved to be more successful at converting the native peoples than the Priests that they were assigned to defend. Impressing the locals with daring deeds, powerful weapons, and martial prowess was far more convincing than the condemnations of a soft-spoken monk. However, once the Word had been spread to every major city of the West, the "Protectors of the Word" faded from public view.

Some decades later, Paladins were again called into service. During the height of the Time of Troubles, the Church commenced a second campaign of conversion. This time, however, the inconvincible were deemed evil. The Zakarum Inquisition spread through the lands like a tempest, laying waste to all suspected of demonic possession or corruption. Leading this crusade was a new generation of Paladins, known as the "Hand of Zakarum." These cavaliers of righteousness swept through the lands, expunging the taint of demonic contamination wherever they found it.

In the midst of this bloody crusade, a rebellion arose within the ranks of the Paladins of Zakarum. The rebels condemned the methods of the Inquisition, proclaiming that the new Order of Paladins should protect the innocent, and that the evil corruption was rooted in their forebear's failure. They resolved to fight the true source of corruption, the Three Prime Evils - Diablo, Baal and Mephisto. And so, these rebellious Paladins left their Zakarum brethren and ventured west.

In-game Speech

Act I

(upon entering the Blood Moor): "I will cleanse this wilderness."

(upon entering the Den of Evil): "Evil dwells within this cave."

(upon clearing the Den of Evil): "My duty here is done."

(upon entering the Burial Grounds): "This holy place has been desecrated."

(upon killing Blood Raven): "Sisters, there was no other way."

(upon touching the Cairn Stones): "Maybe Akara could dispel the mystery of these stones."

(upon touching the Tree of Inifuss): "This tree bristles with magic."

(upon reaching Tristram): "What a tragic end to Tristram."

(upon freeing Deckard Cain): "Deckard Cain, leave quickly!

(upon entering the Forgotten Tower: "This tower shall be cleansed of evil."

(upon killing The Countess): "I've earned the right to this abandoned trove."

(upon entering the Monastery Gate): "Even the Light cannot pierce this gloom."

(upon reclaiming the Horadric Malus): "This will help the Sisters turn the tide against evil."

(upon entering the Jail): "This is no place for a warrior to die."

(upon entering the Catacombs): "There is great evil here."

(upon defeating Andariel): "My work here is finished."

Act II

(upon entering the Lut Gholein Sewers): "The foul stench of evil assails me."

(upon killing Radament): "I pray that Atma will rest easy now."

(upon finding the Maggot Lair): "Hmm... just a large mound. There is nothing to fear here."

(upon opening the final chest in the Maggot Lair): "Light willing, this treasure will help put an end to this stifling evil."

(upon starting The Tainted Sun quest): "What evil taints the light of the Sun?"

(upon entering the Claw Viper Temple): "Light, guide my way in this accursed place."

(upon shattering The Tainted Sun Altar): "The Light can never be extinguished by evil."

(upon entering the Arcane Sanctuary): "This surely is the product of a twisted mind."

(upon finding The Summoner): "Surely the evil here has driven you mad."

(upon killing The Summoner): "Rest in peace, tortured soul."

(upon entering a false tomb): "Is this the tomb I seek?"

(upon entering the true Tal Rasha's Tomb): "Here at last is a fitting testament in stone to Tal Rasha's sacrifice."

(after talking with Tyrael): "I shall honor Tal Rasha's sacrifice by destroying all the Prime Evils"

(unused, labeled as trigger field in d2data.mpq): "By the Light! What prevents my approach?"


(upon obtaining the Jade Figurine): "Perhaps I could trade this for something more valuable."

(upon obtaining the Golden Bird: "Immortal huh? If this Kuy'leh was so powerful, then why is he interred within this receptable?"

(upon obtaining the Gidbinn): "This blade shall pierce the heart of evil."

(upon entering the Kurast Sewers): "The smell of death, or worse, surrounds me."

(upon finding the lever in the Kurast Sewers): "This appears to control the ancient valves."

(upon opening the chest in the Kurast Sewers): "This trove will help lift the curse from Kurast."

(upon obtaining Lam Esen's Tome): "The Black Book. It's heresy to the Zakarum Council."

(upon completing the Lam Esen's Tome quest): "May the Black Book deliver us from evil."

(upon finding the High Council of Zakarum): "This corrupted temple was once the shining heart of my religion."

(after defeating the High Council of Zakarum): "The temple shall shine anew with the Light."

(upon entering the Durance of Hate): "This must be where the Horadrim imprisoned Mephisto."

(after defeating Mephisto): "The Lord of Hatred shall darken the world no longer."

Act IV

(after defeating Izual): "How can one who was once so holy, fall so far from righteousness?"

(after defeating Diablo): "Let Diablo's death end the reign of the Three."

Act V

(upon entering the Bloody Foothills): "Baal, I'm coming for you."

(after defeating Shenk the Overseer): "Harrogath is free of your kind, demon."

(upon freeing the last soldiers in the Frigid Highlands): "Follow me."

(upon entering Nihlathak's Temple): "By the Light, what is this place?"

(after defeating Nihlathak): "Nihlathak, what led you to this end?"

(upon reaching the Arreat Summit): "The Summit, the barbarian holy ground."

(upon entering The Worldstone Chamber): "The Worldstone. Praise the Light."

(after defeating Baal): "Baal, you shall no longer taint this mortal realm."