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The Oppressor is a re-occurring monster type from Diablo II where they were known as the Megademon. In addition to retaining their devastating signature flame breath attack they were given new abilities such as a quick and powerful slam using their new mace as well as well as a ludicrously fast charge. A Pack of Oppressors can make short work of melee players using their Flame Breath. Ranged characters have to watch out for their Mega Charge which causes knockback. The odd slam can also knock you back in the worst of times leaving you vulnerable to other sources of damage. It is best to use skills which have high flinch chance against them as most of their attacks can be interrupted.

Previous Versions

These monsters used to be ludicrously powerful, spamming Mega Ram and Flame Breath which did considerably higher damage. They gained notoriety for packs killing players from off screen by ramming them all at once. Many reductions to their power has left them only a moderate threat.


  • Flame Breath
    For a few seconds channel a powerful gust of fire at all part members directly in-front. Can be interrupted by flinching.
  • Mega Ram
    Instantly teleport to the target dealing minor damage and knockback. Can be used off screen and is executed almost instantly.
  • Slam
    Slams the target using the weapon and both hands. Takes about a second to execute and is very difficult to evade Deals moderate damage and minor knockback.



  • Oppressor