Natalya (Diablo II)

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Natalya (Diablo II).gif
Act Act III
Affiliation The Viz-Jaq'taar
Services Gossip
Starts Quest None
Gender Female
Voice Actor Carrie Gordon

Natalya is an Assassin of the order of the Viz-Jaq'taar. She is the first appearance of the assassin character in Diablo II and offers advice cloaked in mysteries. After the character kills Mephisto, Natalya suddenly disappears.

Natalya's purpose was to guard the mage Ormus from being corrupted by the influence of Mephisto, which had corrupted the entire Zakarum High Council. When the player returns to Kurast after slaying Mephisto, she is gone, her task done.




  • "Hello."
  • "Greetings."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Good morning."
  • "Good day."
  • "Good evening."


  • "Greetings, hero. I've heard of your exploits and... I'm quite impressed. Very few mortals are capable of dealing with the Three and their minions as you have. My name is Natalya. I am a hunter of Evil, part of an ancient Order sworn to hunt down corrupted sorcerers. If I could, I would gladly join your quest to stop the Three. But I must wait here for further news. I can't predict what will happen, but the danger is greater than we can know. Until I receive my orders, I'll assist you with the information I have."


  • "Asheara...? Oh, she's is a tough-talking mage, but I'd wager she's never faced true Evil. Pampering drunken mercenaries is one thing, but standing face to face with a hell-spawned demon is another."
  • "I've heard the name of Deckard Cain many times. He's the last of the Horadrim, and thus, I must honor him. You must be powerful, indeed, if one such as he accompanies you."
  • "Hratli is a master craftsman. My Order could make use of one with his unique skills."
  • "My Order has been keeping watch over Ormus for many years, now. He seems to champion the cause of good, but who knows what shadow lurks within his soul?"

Gossip (About Natalya)


  • "Yes, Natalya is a cute girl. However, I think she could use a special potion. Let me see here, 'Radiant Beauty'... No. 'Ray of Sunshine'... No, that's not it. Ah, here it is: 'Relax Frosty Bitch'. This should help her out."


  • "I invited Natalya to join the Iron Wolves and she began lecturing me about the 'dangers of magic'. Who the hell does she think she is, anyway?"

Deckard Cain:

  • "Have you met, Natalya? She appears to be a member of the Khral-Harzhek, a secret order that has been around for centuries... almost as long as the Horadrim, itself. Her presence here makes me uneasy, for they are traditionally sworn to hunt down Magi who have betrayed the trust of their order. I wonder why she is here."


  • "Natalya is a quiet one. She arrived here about a week ago and has pretty much kept to herself. She's inquired about my weapons a few times, so I assume that she's a warrior of some sort."


  • "That woman, Natalya, seems to be waiting for something important to happen. She's a strange one, I think."


The Golden Bird

After giving the Jade Figurine to Meshif:

  • "I'm having fun just watching you run from place to place searching for a Golden Bird. Some hero you are."

After giving the Golden Bird to Alkor:

  • "Don't tell me you believe in all of that 'life after death' nonsense. You should be more concerned with avoiding death than making plans for after it finds you."


  • "I must admit, your foolish quest made little sense to me. But now I see the value of your actions. I believe you do possess great wisdom."

Blade of the Old Religion

After Initiated:

  • "Don't let the Gidbinn's size fool you. Though it is only a small dagger, it holds tremendous power when in the hands of a true Skatsimi mage."

Early Return:

  • "You'd best get back out there and find that blade. The jungle creeps further into this camp by the hour."


  • "You are truly amazing, stranger. There are precious few items in the world that would tempt me to go up against the Children of Zakarum and their midget minions."

Lam Esen's Tome

After Initiated:

  • "I've heard of the Black Book. My Order's code is based on many of its passages. If you find it, I will be greatly impressed."

Early Return:

  • "I hope you find the Black Book soon. I could use something to read while I wait for my orders."


  • "I hope you find the Black Book soon. I could use something to read while I wait for my orders."

The Blackened Temple

After Initiated:

  • "You are incredibly brave to venture into the lion's den. I wish you luck."

After Initiated:

  • "Beware the followers of Zakarum. Their fanaticism is their greatest weapon."

Early Return:

  • "I respect your need to do this. Honor demands that you see this through. Yet your chances are so slim..."


  • "I can hardly believe you did it. Your power blankets you like a shining aura."

The Guardian

After Initiated:

  • "Now you rush to face Mephisto. Don't give in to your hatred. That is his greatest weapon against you."

Early Return:

  • "Beware, my friend. Sankekur may be the most powerful mortal in the world. He controls thousands of fanatical worshippers and embodies the Lord of Hatred, himself. His death will be no easy task."


  • "Word is spreading fast that you killed Mephisto. I'd be honored to fight beside you in Hell, but I've just received my mission orders. I'll be travelling to the Barbarian lands of the North, but I can't tell you why. With luck, our paths will cross again. Farewell."


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article

  • As Natalya plays only a minor role and serves no particular in-game function as an NPC, she is mostly believed to be nothing but a preview regarding the Assassin class in the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion.
  • Cain identifies her as a member of an Order called "Khral-Harzhek", while the Assassins are later known as the Viz-Jaq'taar. Cain also fails to mention that the order was formed by the Horadrim, and perhaps incorrectly states that: "they are traditionally sworn to hunt down Magi who have betrayed the trust of their order." when the Viz-Jaq'taar's purpose is to hunt down mages who have been corrupted by Hell.
  • Natalya has a Set named after her, called Natalya's Odium.
  • Natayla disappears after the player leaves for Act IV and never returns after that.