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The Music in Diablo II was composed by Matt Uelmen and is composed of over 30 different songs for various parts of the game.

All the music can be downloaded here: Diablo II Music, Cinematics and Speech.

Music List

File Name Locations where it plays Length YouTube Notes
options Main menu if the expansion isn't installed 2:48 Options
town1 Rogue Encampment 4:08 Rogue Encampment
wild Black Marsh, Blood Moor, Burial Grounds, Cold Plains, Dark Wood, Tamoe Highland 8:00 Wild
n/a Nowhere 2:24 Wild Outtake Original track that was later reworked to the "wild" track used in Act I.
tristram Chaos Tristram, Tristram 7:41 Tristram An extended version of the same tune found in Diablo I.
caves Cave, Den of Evil, Hole, Pit, Underground Passage 3:53 Caves
crypt Crypt, Forgotten Tower (Tower Cellar), Matron's Den, Mausoleum 4:31 Crypt
monastery Barracks, Catacombs, Cathedral, Inner Cloister, Jail, Monastery Gate, Outer Cloister 5:08 Monastery
town2 Lut Gholein 3:03 Lut Gholein
desert Dry Hills, Far Oasis, Lost City, Rocky Waste, Valley of Snakes 6:35 Desert
n/a Nowhere 1:59 Desert Outtake Discarded by Matt Uelmen because it lacked harmonic development.
valley Canyon of the Magi, Forgotten Sands 2:47 Valley
sewer Ancient Tunnels, Lut Gholein Sewers 4:00 Sewers
harem Harem, Palace Cellar 2:29 Harem
tombs Claw Viper Temple, Halls of the Dead, Stony Tomb, Tal Rasha's Chamber, Tal Rasha's Tomb 5:35 Tombs
lair Maggot Lair 3:16 Lair
sanctuary Arcane Sanctuary 1:58 Sanctuary
town3 Kurast Docks 2:10 Kurast Docks
jungle Flayer Jungle, Great Marsh, Spider Forest 7:42 Jungle
kurast Kurast Bazaar, Kurast Causeway, Lower Kurast, Travincal, Upper Kurast 4:58 Kurast
kurastsewer Disused Fane, Disused Reliquary, Durance of Hate, Forgotten Reliquary, Forgotten Temple, Kurast Sewers, Ruined Fane, Ruined Temple 4:34 Kurast Sewer
spider Arachnid Lair, Spider Cavern 4:10 Spider
town4 Pandemonium Fortress 3:56 Pandemonium Fortress
mesa Abaddon, City of the Damned, Infernal Pit, Furnace of Pain, Outer Steppes, Pit of Acheron, Plains of Despair, River of Flame 5:26 Mesa
diablo Chaos Sanctuary, Secret Cow Level 2:35 Diablo
introedit Main menu if the expansion is installed, Throne of Destruction*, The Worldstone Chamber* 1:40 Intro
xtown Harrogath 4:52 Harrogath
siege Arreat Plateau, Arreat Summit, Bloody Foothills, Frigid Highlands, Frozen Tundra, Nihlathak's Temple 6:49 Siege
icecaves The Ancients' Way, Crystalline Passage, Drifter Cavern, Frozen River, Glacial Trail, Icy Cellar 4:41 Ice Caves
xtemple Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain, Halls of Vaught 3:37 Temple
baal Throne of Destruction*, Worldstone Keep, The Worldstone Chamber* 4:23 Baal

* Both the Throne of Destruction and The Worldstone Chamber start out by playing introedit once, after which they continue with baal.