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The Morlu are reanimated, frenzied warriors fueled with an unholy bloodlust. The Morlu form a special reserve of heavy infantry in the service of Lucion and the Triune. Though they have not yet made an appearance in any of the games, they do appear in the Sin War trilogy. Morlu are exceptional trackers as they can follow a trail by smelling out a persons blood.


Morlu are heavy warriors who are so consumed by a blood-lust and love for battle that they even turn onto each other when their services are not required by the Primus. They are described as tall, armor-clad humanoids, bearing ram skulls as helmets. Though they vaguely resemble humans in appearance, their demonic and undead nature is given away by their eyes which are black pits filled with a reddish glow, emanating hatred.


In an underground cave, hidden underneath the main Temple of the Triune, they constantly battle against each other.

The morlu were more than just fanatical; they lived and breathed the desire of the Lord of Hatred. They did not sleep, anymore; they did not eat. All the morlu did was fight.[1]

Whenever a Morlu falls, it is resurrected by a demonic artifact known only as the Kiss of Mephisto. Every Morlu has died at least a dozen times, thus making them experienced and battle-hardened brutes.

Due to the fact that they are animated warriors, they are not easy to slay. Slain Morlu continue to rise, even when pierced by arrows or other weaponry. However, once their heads are removed, the Morlu's 'life-force' starts to wane (decapitated Morlu still remain animated for a short time in which they must recover their heads, lest they collapse). Also, undead banishing spells have a devastating effect, as becomes clear in the novels: Mendeln unleases his spells against the Morlu, draining them of their life-force and letting them 'rest in peace', preventing further resurrection.

Though Morlu are not usually heard speaking, they do possess the ability to speak.

In the games

Though the Morlu have not yet made an appearance as defeatable foes in the games, there are rumors that the demon statues near Diablo's Chaos Sanctuary are actually Morlu. Their appearance does seem to match the description on several points (particularly the eye-pits). The statues have not yet been confirmed to be Morlu, however.

A Morlu Caster appared in the 2009 trailer for the Monk. It is unknown if it has any relations to the Morlu from the Sin Wars or is a new variant. However, its clawed hands and its powerful demonic magic make it a powerful foe.


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