Mordor's Stat Limitations (The Hell)

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"Mordor's stat limitations" (MSL) are introduced in v1.109.

Characters' base stats sum is limited depending on their level:

Character level Maximum sum of base stats
1-15 clvl * 7 + 60
16-20 clvl * 7 + 70
21-25 clvl * 8 + 80
26-30 clvl * 8 + 90
31-35 clvl * 9 + 100
36-40 clvl * 9 + 110
41-45 clvl * 10 + 120
46+ limited only by the sum of class's maximum base stats, which is 640

If the sum of base stats reaches the limit, the stats change color to golden and can't be increased by any means until the formula allows it again (i.e. until a levelup). Respec shrines also don't work with if the stats are golden.

Stats gained by levelups never exceed the limit and are never wasted because of it.

"Mordor's forced anti-cheating" (MFA)

If a character's base stats sum exceeds MSL limit, the stats are lowered. Base stats are lowered randomly until they reach the limit. No base stat can be set below 15 this way. Lost/gained life/mana are modified retroactively.

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