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Moon Clan Shaman are the spell casters of the Moon Clan Khazra. They wield a Staff capable of casting slowing frozen orbs at the party. Often they act to weaken the party while the majority of the damage is done by their brethren Dark Moon Clan Impalers or an Elite pack. It is very easy to become slowed on hazards such as an Arcane Sentry that deal high damage over time. Keeping a good positioning when fighting these spell casters is crucial to avoid unnecessary death.

Goatman Shamans may be Demons or Animals. The only named type of Goatman Shaman seen thus far are Moon Clan Shaman, but it is all but certain there will be a variety of different Goatman clans in Diablo III, as there were in the earlier games in the series.


It was shown that the shaman would have abnormally intelligent AI; one in the WWI 2008 gameplay movie runs when its herd is wiped out by a Witch Doctor's Wall of Zombies, finds a new pack of goatmen, and takes up a position behind them. This never made it into the final release and instead they employ Evasive AI.


  • Evasive
    Will try and keep distance from the party to avoid taking melee damage. Will also move erratically to try and evade range attacks.
  • Frozen Orb
    Throws a powerful chilling orb at the party after a few seconds of channeling. The orb explodes with a large area of effect that slows the actions of the party. Channeling can be interrupted.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes


Charchian Carries Big Stick

Moon Clan Shaman

In a group with Branum and Lyeless

Chupa Khazra.png

Chupa Khazra Shade of the Outlands

Moon Clan Shaman Ghost

Hrugowl the Defiant.png

Hrugowl the Defiant Tribe of the Cursed Bloodclan

Moon Clan Shaman

Reggrel the Despised.png

Reggrel the Despised Tribe of the Cursed Bloodclan

Moon Clan Shaman


Skehlinrath Lightning Bringer

Moon Clan Shaman