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Conversation ID Conversation
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line1Monk This is...
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line3Monk I... must be going.
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue5_Line1Monk Hmm... really?
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue6_Line1Monk You must stop this now.
Conv_Blacksmith_ApprenticeFound_Line0Monk I bring grim tidings. Your apprentice is dead.
Conv_Blacksmith_CellarCallout_Line1Monk This must be done.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line12Monk As you should. You will craft for me weapons with which to carry out my sacred duty.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line7Monk I have other news. Your apprentice is dead.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line10Monk Excellent work.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line12Monk As you should. You will craft for me weapons with which to carry out my sacred duty.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line1Monk Leoric\'s crown is no use to me broken.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line7Monk I have other news. Your apprentice is dead.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line0Monk I am surprised to see you working so soon after your wife\'s passing.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line2Monk I find your devotion admirable, and the quality of your work is impressive. We will speak again.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line0Monk I wish to hear more of your grandfather, King Leoric\'s chancellor.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line4Monk It pleases me to hear this story. Your grandfather was a good man, and surely the gods smile upon him.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line0Monk You mentioned your father. Tell me of him.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line5Monk But it did not.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line1Monk I know it weighs upon you.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line6Monk Your father died to protect you. There are worse things in this world than that.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line8Monk Your father was a good man. That is enough.
Conv_Blacksmith_Protector_Line11Monk What do you mean?
Conv_Blacksmith_RescueCain_Line11Monk He is alive--and I will rescue him.
Conv_Blacksmith_ThankYou_New_Line0Monk As it happens, I am looking for King Leoric\'s crown. Perhaps you know of it?
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line1Monk What troubles you?
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line3Monk I pray for her health.
Conv_BlacksmithIntro_New_Line14Monk Blacksmith, Deckard Cain said you could help me find the crown of Leoric.
Conv_BlacksmithIntro_New_Line19Monk It is regrettable, but it must be done. I will help you.
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line3Monk Diablo caused Leoric\'s madness?
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line4Monk What did Leoric do after he became the Skeleton King?
Conv_Cain_AboutWorldstoneDestruction_Line5Monk The Worldstone\'s destruction must have unleashed incredible energies.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_Line3Monk Nonetheless, the Skeleton King bars my path to the fallen star.
Conv_Cain_IdentifyItem_Line6Monk How did you learn to identify items?
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line0Monk I have the crown. Where is the Skeleton King?
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line5Monk The Skeleton King lies at the heart of the imbalance in this land. I will end his reign and find the fallen star.
Conv_Cain_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1Monk You can not believe this.
Conv_Cain_UndeadBashing_Line4Monk Cain! I will save you!
Conv_CainAboutLeah_1_Line1Monk You draw great strength from your love for Leah.
Conv_CainAboutLeah_2_Line4Monk I heard that you took Leah on your searches for ancient artifacts and tomes. Wasn\'t that dangerous?
Conv_Crown_Lore_Line0Monk Now that the Skeleton King has been vanquished, his crown must not be found by those who would use it for their unholy, sorcerous ends.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line0Monk The crown is not here. I must search one of the other crypts.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line2Monk You do not strike me as the type.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False2_Line0Monk The crown is not here. It must be in one of the other crypts.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_TheRightOne_Line0Monk The crown is near.
Conv_DyingGuy_GameIntro_Line1Monk Rest easy, friend.
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Line0Monk This grave has been disturbed.
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Mid_Line0Monk This land is cursed. Why do the dead not sleep?
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Outro_Line0Monk Your souls are released.
Conv_Event_A1OldTristram_ZombieTree_PlayerCallout_Line0Monk Be at peace.
Conv_Event_House1000Undead_End_Line0Monk Now the dead can rest.
Conv_Event_OldTristCellar_QuillDemonChase_PlayerCallout1_Line0Monk Empty. Did those creatures steal the treasure?
Conv_Event_OldTristram_BlackMushroom_Line0Monk Hmm. Those are large mushrooms.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0Monk When man overreaches, he is often chastened.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_ShamanChant_Line1Monk What is this dark magic?
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_InsideSkellieGreet_Line2Monk The gods will decide my fate.
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_SkellieIntro2_Line1Monk That is not the will of the gods.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line6Monk Your brother died well. Weep for him, but honor his memory.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line8Monk I bring news of your brother\'s passing. I found him elsewhere in the cave, and brought harsh justice his captors.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_QuestInfo_Line8Monk This coven is a constant thorn in my side. I will deal with them.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_StartQuest_Line10Monk Then we must rescue him.
Conv_FarmAmbushFlyerFarmer_Greet_Line1Monk If you stay here, you will die.
Conv_FerrymanPort_To_Wertham_Line1Monk I require passage to Wortham.
Conv_FesteringWoods_Ambush_End_Player_Line0Monk The dead cannot forget. These souls cannot move on.
Conv_FesteringWoods_Ambush_PlayerEntersArea_Line0Monk The gods speak of a great battle that was once fought here.
Conv_FesteringWoods_exNeph03_Line2Monk They are trapped in the past. They do not know our presence.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_01_Line67Monk It is a beginning. Balance is the end.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_02_Line69Monk The gods keep their secrets close.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_03_Line67Monk Fear is borne of uncertainty. The gods give me direction.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_04_Line61Monk Evil knows not day or night.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_05_Line0Monk You fight well with that spear.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_06_Line0Monk You are a devout man.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_07_Line1Monk Why is that?
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_08_Line1Monk Often I am sent to find them, and punish them.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_09_Line1Monk Neither do I.
Conv_Fol_SC_VendorBrotherWon_Line1Monk What makes you say that?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral1_Line1Monk In the end, they were powerless to stop the darkness that befell this land.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line0Monk You seem troubled, templar. Why?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line2Monk As it pains me. But we will cleanse it.
Conv_Fol_TP_CathedralRoad_Line1Monk An affront to the order of the gods.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cemetery_Line3Monk I do not require your praise, but thank you. I am more proud to call you friend.
Conv_Fol_TP_Crypts1_Line1Monk No, I will be reborn in a new form to keep the balance.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods_Line0Monk We walk the paths of the dead. Be vigilant.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods_Line0Monk We walk the paths of the dead. Be vigilant.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods2_Line1Monk They were valiant warriors.
Conv_Fol_TP_HallsofAgony4_Line1Monk I will not rest until my task is finished.
Conv_Fol_TP_HallsofAgony4_Line1Monk I will not rest until my task is finished.
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line0Monk Did you have many friends at the order?
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line2Monk I take it you did not have any friends, then.
Conv_Guard_About_LeahAndCain_Line1Monk What do you know of the girl Leah and her uncle?
Conv_Guard_About_LeahAndCain_Line1Monk What do you know of the girl Leah and her uncle?
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line0Monk You have shown me the truth.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line0Monk You have shown me the truth.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line1Monk I was mistaken.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line2Monk My mistake.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line4Monk My error grieves me.
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line0Monk Help me!
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line1Monk I cannot stand alone!
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line2Monk Lend your strength to mine!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line0Monk Ha! A vicious strike!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line1Monk Feel the wrath of Ytar!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line2Monk Break beneath the endless tide!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line3Monk You are defeated!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line4Monk Your flaws are revealed!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line5Monk The storm breaks!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line6Monk The gods strike through me!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line7Monk This fight is over.
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line8Monk Your strength fails!
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line0Monk Farewell.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line1Monk May you find what you seek.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line2Monk Be strong.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line4Monk We will meet again.
Conv_Hero_Go_Line0Monk We must go!
Conv_Hero_Go_Line2Monk I am ready.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line0Monk I have been healed.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line1Monk My wounds are closing.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line2Monk My strength returns.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line4Monk My injuries are less severe.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line0Monk Ytar, guide my path. My hands are yours.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line1Monk Time is always moving. I should be too.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line2Monk I am needed elsewhere. I should go.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line3Monk The gods do not reward those who do not act.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line4Monk Those who do nothing will become nothing.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line5Monk There is no triumph without risk.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line0Monk Follow!
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line1Monk Journey with me.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line2Monk Our path is one.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line4Monk Let me guide you.
Conv_Hero_Leah_01_Line161Monk In better circumstances than this, I suspect.
Conv_Hero_Leah_02_Line161Monk What do you miss?
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line161Monk My life is pledged to the service of the gods, until my death.
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line200Monk I will remember that.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line161Monk Tell me about this inn you want to open.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line200Monk A worthy idea.
Conv_Hero_Leah_05_Line1Monk People will do anything for power.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line0Monk My understanding grows.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line1Monk My path becomes clearer.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line2Monk The gods favor me.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line3Monk Ytar has raised me to new heights.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line4Monk My strength has increased.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line5Monk My mind is stronger.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line6Monk My strides grow longer.
Conv_Hero_No_Line0Monk No.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line0Monk Take this.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line1Monk Use this wisely.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line2Monk It is better for you to have this.
Conv_Hero_PvP_Attack_Line0Monk Strike! Now!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Hold_Line0Monk Stay here!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Objective_Line0Monk Test your strength on that objective!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Retreat_Line0Monk Retreat!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Stay_Line0Monk Stay here.
Conv_Hero_Run_Line0Monk Run like the wind!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line1Monk Go! Be swift!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line2Monk Flee!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line0Monk Your technique is flawed.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line10Monk Fear not. I will finish this quickly.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line1Monk The gods guide me. You cannot win.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line2Monk Come! Test my strength with yours!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line3Monk Ytar shows me your weaknesses.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line4Monk Face me, and you will fall.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line5Monk Are you bent on self-destruction?
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line6Monk This is pathetic.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line7Monk Your best will be easily defeated.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line8Monk Your weakness disgusts the gods.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line9Monk Your path ends here.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line0Monk My thanks.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line1Monk Thank you.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line0Monk Wait.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line2Monk I need more time.
Conv_Hero_Yes_Line0Monk Yes.
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1Monk The gods smile upon those who do their work well.
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line3Monk I am a Monk of Ivgorod. My gods are the thousand and one.
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line1Monk That man cheated you. It was not a fair exchange.
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line3Monk You look happy with yourself.
Conv_Karyna_AboutMystic_Line1Monk Myriam?
Conv_Leah_AboutAdria_Line5Monk What did you learn about your mother?
Conv_Leah_AdriasCellar_New_Line1Monk I will find your uncle. Stay here and find out what you can.
Conv_Leah_AdriasDeath_Line1Monk How did your mother die?
Conv_Leah_AfterKilling_Line1Monk I will send them back to their graves. I will save your town.
Conv_Leah_BarIntro_Line0Monk Are you Leah? Rumford said you survived the fallen star.
Conv_Leah_CainRescueIntro_New_Line1Monk Come, let us search for your uncle.
Conv_Leah_OnWayToAdrias_Line1Monk What happened to your father?
Conv_Leah_TellMeAboutYourself_Line4Monk What does your uncle seek?
Conv_LeahCainReturns_New_Line21Monk Time runs short. Tell me what you know of the fallen star.
Conv_Mystic_BlacksmithQuest_Line1Monk Must you always speak in riddles?
Conv_Mystic_InTristram02_Line3Monk I will reveal something to it?
Conv_Mystic_Protector_Line1Monk A reassuring thought.