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Monks are agile and fast, and they prefer staves to any other sort of weapons. In fact, they wield staves so well that they can even block enemy attacks with it, and they block even better than Paladins. As they gain more experience, their innate ability to dodge enemy attacks also increases, but it cannot, of course, substitute a good plate armor. They are more cautious than other sort of fighters because they don't have as much stamina.

Monks are, perhaps, the fastest class - their attack speed is amazing. However, their damage potential is also a bit lower. On the other hand, ancient knowledge of the warriors from far East allows them to damage the most important of monsters' organs and quite often it results in monster's death or severe damage. Monks don't advance much in spellcasting and usually limit themselves to healing and defensive spells. Monks have the ability to use telekinesis.


Stats to focus on, in order of importance: DEX, STR, VIT, MAG

Starting Maximum1 Purpose
Strength 15 160 Wearing gear, blocking melee attacks and doing damage.
Magic 5 80 Wearing jewelry, reading books, mana regain and total mana.
Dexterity 25 220 Wearing gear, dodging attacks, chance to hit and block, doing damage.
Vitality 20 170 Max -DFE, life regain, effect of healing, stun threshold and total life.
Life 70 543 Staying alive.
Mana 12 183 Casting spells.
DFE (cap)2 -10 -85 Reduces damage taken from enemies
Armor 9 144 Reduces the change enemies will hit you.
  1. Listed maximum stats is for a level 50 monk with all his ability points maxed out, and without items or spell effects.
  2. In singleplayer, DFE is also capped at -25 on Horror mode and at -50 on Purgatory mode.


  • Total life = 2.5•Vitcharacter + 2.5•Vititems + 2•clvl + Lifeitems + 18
  • Total mana = 1•Magcharacter + 1.5•Magitems + 2•clvl + Manaitems + 3
  • Total armor:
    • Monk with plate: Dex/5 + ACitems + clvl/2
    • Monk with mail: Dex/5 + ACitems + clvl
    • Monk with leather and other light armor: Dex/5 + ACitems + 2•clvl
    • Monk with no armor: Dex/5 + ACitems + 2•clvl
  • Minimum DFE (cap) = Vitcharacter/2
  • Melee damage resistance = (Rnd[24 + Vitbase/8] + 12 + clvl/8)% (min18,25%max62,5%)

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