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MeteOrb Sorceress
Game Diablo II
Class Sorceress
Primary Attack Frozen Orb, Meteor
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator Lethal_Weapon


The Sorceress is probably one of the most popular characters played in the world of Sanctuary, due to her brutal casting powers and her modes of quick transportation. This will be the first guide that I have ever put on paper, and hopefully you will find it interesting, informative, and easy to follow to make your decisions on your next Sorceress build!

The MeteOrb build primarily focuses on two very powerful skills that the Sorceress has at her disposal, Meteor and Frozen Orb. With that being said, you have probably already noticed that these two skills are on two different skill trees, and are wondering how you can afford investing in two different skill trees! We will cover all of this later in the guide and hopefully you will understand why this is such a versatile build.


e that if any new patches are released (i.e. the mysterious 1.13 patch), this build is subject to change or become obsolete due to skill buffs/debuffs.


Before we jump right into the basics of this guide, there are a few things to note before we get started. If you are looking for Sorceress Builds that will kill fast, with high dealing damage, this is probably not the build for you; you might want to check out the Lightning Sorceress. This build is made for versatility due to the rarity of Cold/Fire immunes in the game. This build could very easily solo Hell (Difficulty) without having to skip over monsters that are immune to her spells. Being a dual elemental, she will be able to take care of almost any monster that dares cross your path!

Furthermore, you might also want to consider what you are using this build for: Magic Find, PvP (Player vs. Player), Rushing, Fun. This build is definitely not one I would suggest for PvP, but would work well for Magic Find runs and Rushing/Fun.

Important Note!
Throughout the guide, you will find that I give you the option to make decisions for yourself. I am here to guide you through the decision process, but ultimately, it is up to you to choose how you want your character to operate and thrive! Furthermore, I would suggest that you read through this guide completely and plan out your character on paper from skills/stats/equipment before starting, because once you invest points, you cant get them back. Now, enough talking, lets get on to the stuff that you came here to read!

Skill Point Distribution

For this section I am going to break it down into three separate parts. First, I will cover the Sorceress’s Cold spells, followed by the Lightning and Fire spells. Each section will contain an explanation as to why you will invest points into certain skills and certain max/min you should obtain for the effectiveness of the build. I will give you a breakdown of when you should invest points into certain skills while leveling, and I will let you know what skills should be maxed and in what order. I will show you what skills you should have invested by level 88 (including all bonus). Onwards!

Cold Spells

MeteOrb Cold Skill Tree.png
As you can see, I have pointed out what skills should be invested in based on the picture of your skill tree on the right. Let’s give a short recap of the cold spells:

-Pre-Requisites: Obviously, Frozen Orb will be your primary skill under the cold spells tree, so we need to invest points into all of the pre-requisites. That includes: Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, Glacial Spike, Frost Nova, and Blizzard.

-Frozen Armor: This is a very beneficial spell for the sorceress. With only one point, plus your +skills from your equipment, this spell will give your character a very good boost in defense (plus, it will freeze enemies). This is the only armor you will invest points in, if ever

-Frozen Orb: This is your bread and butter verse those fire immunes. It is also very effective in Nightmare. Max this skill AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

-Cold Mastery: This is where you might have to make a decision as to how many points you want to invest into this skill. Cold Mastery will drastically increase the killing power of the Frozen Orb; however, IT WILL NOT make cold immunes vulnerable to cold spells. You will always use your fire spells against those monsters. Now, with that being said, I suggest that you invest a minimum of 6-7 points into this skill; however, I would also recommend that you get at least +10 skills from your equipment. Ideal minimum for this skill is around levels 16-18 (that gets you around -100% to Enemy Cold Resistance, which is good amount).

Now, you might be wondering why we are not investing any points into Frozen Orb synergy skill, Ice Bolt. We are unable to boost this synergy due to the lack of skill points at our disposal and the synergy only boost Frozen Orb by +2% per level, which is just not worth it. Moving on!

Lightning Spells

MeteOrb Lightning Skill Tree.png

Now, if you haven’t noticed already, we are not using Lightning Spells as a mode of offense; There are only three spells that we need to invest in on this skill tree.

-Static Field: This skill is invaluable when it comes to boss fights. It will take their remaining health down by 1/4th each time. Only invest 1 point here.

-Telekinesis: This is really just a pre-requisite for Teleport, but some people actually like to play around this skill. Use to your liking!

-Teleport: This is your mode of quick transportation. It might be a mana killer in the early part of the game, but once you start to get your equipment, you wont have a problem. Only 1 point here as well!

Fire Spells

MeteOrb Fire Skill Tree.png
Your fire skills will be your primary source for killing monsters in the game. Now, lets see how these skills break down:

-Pre-Requisites: These consist of Inferno, Blaze, and Fire Wall. This will allow us to get Meteor, our primary skill. Only 1 point into these.

-Warmth: This skill will help recover your mana at a rapid rate. Only 1 point will need to go here due to the amount of +skills you will have from your equipment.

-Fire Bolt: This is the basic fire spell that leads up to the more powerful Fire Ball and Meteor. This skill will NOT be maxed, though you might find yourself investing around 5 points here (I will explain later, see below). Fire Bolt is the synergy for both Fire Ball and Meteor.

-Fire Ball: This is a solid fire spell that you might find yourself using more than Meteor. It is also a synergy for Fire Bolt and Meteor. Max this skill after Meteor.

-Meteor: This is your primary fire spell that will do a lot killing for you. You will probably have to use to the delay in casting and where to aim, but you will quickly master this awesome spell. It also very useful to moat Mephisto while you Magic Find. Max this skill second, after Frozen Orb (Though you might have a few invested here until you are able to get Frozen Orb at level 30)

-Fire Mastery: This skill will drastically boost your fire damage and is very important for your build. Max this skill after Fire Ball. However, if you find yourself using Fire Ball more than Meteor, you might want to put a few points into Fire Bolt instead of maxing Fire Mastery right away (You WILL eventually, depending on your level). Fire Ball will get a bigger boost in damage from the synergy of Fire Bolt than from Fire Mastery.

Skill Investment Recap

The distribution of your skill points is very important for you to be effective with this build while leveling. You do not have a follow this distribution to the tee, but it is just a guide to help you along. It might also be very tough in the early levels due to mana issues, but stick to it, and you will be happy with the result. Also, I will assume a general level for bonus skills (Den of Evil, Radament's Lair, and Izual), so just stick to the guide the best you can.

-Level 2: 1 point into Fire Bolt
-Level 3: 1 point into Warmth
-Den of Evil: 1 point into Ice Bolt
-Level 4: Save this point
-Level 5: Save this point
-Level 6: 1 point into Ice Blast, 1 point into Frost Nova, 1 point into Static Field
-Level 7: 1 point into Telekinesis
-Level 8: 1 point into Inferno
-Level 9: Save this point
-Level 10: Save this point
-Level 11: Save this point
-Level 12: 1 point into Fire Ball, 1 point into Blaze
-Level 13: Save this point
-Level 14: Save this point
-Level 15: Save this point
-Radament: Save this point
-Level 16: Save this point
-Level 17: Save this point
-Level 18: 1 point into Teleport, 1 point into Glacial Spike, 1 point into Fire Wall
-Level 19: Save this point
-Level 20: Save this point
-Izual: Save this point
-Level 21: Save this point
-Level 22: Save this point
-Level 23: Save this point
-Level 24: 1 point into Meteor, 1 point into Blizzard
-Level 25: 1 point into Meteor
-Level 26: 1 point into Meteor
-Level 27: 1 point into Meteor
-Level 28: 1 point into Meteor
-Level 29: 1 point into Meteor
-Level 30: 1 point into Meteor, 1 point into Frozen Orb, 1 point into Fire Mastery, 1 point into Cold Mastery.

From level 30 on, you will need to Max Frozen Orb first and get your Cold Mastery to your desired level 6+, then you will max Meteor, Fire Ball, and Fire Mastery in that order. After these have all been satisfied, should be around level 88, the rest of your skills go into Fire Bolt.

Stat Point Distribution

Stat point distributions can be a very debatable area for many players. I will give you some options and you will ultimately decide how you want to invest your stat points. The Sorceress gets the shaft when it comes to her stat points, since she only gets 2 life per 1 point of vitality. So, I will go over some options with you, so you can decide what you want to do. The following chart will show you what stat points the Sorceress will come with when you start the game:

Stat Starting Points
Strength 10
Dexterity 25
Vitality 10
Energy 35

Now that we see what stats the Sorceress comes with, we will able to work from
-Strength: This is a very important stat because it will allow you to wear/use certain equipment throughout the game. With that being said, you only need to put as much strength as the highest strength requirement for your gear. For some, it might be 156 if you plan to use the monarch shield or lower depending on your gear choices. Also, if you are playing twinked (i.e. using +str from charms/items/etc. you need to calculate the bare min needed to wear your gear). This stat can range anywhere from 75-156.

-Dexterity: This is one of the highly debatable stat points. Dexterity, for a Sorceress, is only beneficial if you want to have higher chance to block. Some will argue that you need to have max block (75%) or that you don’t need any at all. I will give you my two cents. Maxing block will cost you A LOT of points into Dexterity; however, you will block 75% of physical attacks. Some say that this is beneficial since you only get 2 life per 1 point of Vitality. Furthermore, you will only block 75% of attacks if you ‘’’NOT MOVING’’’. If you are hit while you are moving, then the block percentage is reduced to 1/3rd of its original value. So, some people say to keep dexterity at its base amount and invest all your points into Vitality. Also, you could also shoot for 50% chance to block instead of maxing it. This stat can range anywhere from Base - 200+ (Depending on your shield). The choice is yours!
  • Note: The calculation for Blocking is: Total Blocking = (Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)

-Vitality: This is your life blood. This should have everything else that you don’t put into other stats. This state will have 200+.

-Energy: This should be kept at base. You will have plenty of mana later with your gear. Trust me!

Now that I have given you what I can, it is time for you to make your decision about how you want to go about it. Here is a breakdown of what your stat points could look like, depending on what you decided regarding Dexterity and Vitality.

Stat Suggested Point Distribution
Strength 75-156
Dexterity 25-200+
Vitality 100+
Energy 35

Gear Allotment

Now for the most important (and fun!) part of your build, the gear. I will break down this section into two parts, Optimal Killing Gear and MFing Gear. I would suggest that you plan out your end game gear before you start your character so you can plan out your Strength and Dexterity stat point distribution. I am not going to list every possible choice in gear, but I will give you some of the more popular gear used for this build. It is up to you what gear you want to use and how much you can afford to get. Now let’s get started!

Optimal Killing Gear

Like I said before, these are only suggestions and you can mix and match as you please. These are also end game items and does not include items you would use while you are leveling or substitutes until you obtain these items.










MFing Gear

The gear listed under the first bullet point is my suggestion and is what I use. This gear will give you a nice amount of MF without sacrificing a lot of killing and living ability. Though, it is up to you, as always, what gear you choose to use. GL!



  • The Oculus (With an Ist if you can afford it)
  • Blade of Ali Baba (With 2 Ists if you can afford it)
  • 6 Socketed Weapon with 6 Ists (Very price and sacrifice good mods)


  • Rhyme (Runeword: Shael+Eth)
  • Splendor (Runeword: Eth+Lum)
  • 3 or 4 Socket shield with Ists






This is last section before you will be off to build your new MeteOrb Sorceress! This will be short and to the point, and is only a suggestion. Since you are a caster, you will need a solid tank to distract the monsters while you obliterate them. The best mercenaries for this task are Act 2 and Act 5 mercenaries. Personally, Act 2 mercenaries are unsurpassed due to the beneficial aura that comes with them. For the purpose of this guide, I would suggest that you get an Act 2 Nightmare (Difficulty) Defense mercenary because you will get the Holy Freeze aura that will stop the hordes of monsters in their tracks! Now, for the gear your mercenary will be equipped with (Ethereal items if possible):