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Mendeln, son of Diomedes, is the younger brother of Uldyssian, the hero of the The Sin War Trilogy. He is a master Necromancer, an apprentice of Rathma, one of the few Ancients left under the guidance of the Guardian Dragon Trag'Oul and has been elevated to the status of Teacher or Kalan in Trag'Oul's own tongue for his exceptional skills.

Mendeln shares the same storyline as Uldyssian in the novel as he travels with him. However, he often is teleported to Trag'Oul's sanctuary or hideout to confer with the dragon and Rathma. Also, Mendeln takes on a more morbid appearance as the story progresses as his necromonial powers develop. Visits to graveyard and reanimation of corpses are among his share of the novel. Although looked down upon by the edyrem, Mendeln plays a crucial role. He represents the intellectual side of the Diomedes family. His knowledge has come in handy many a time, and has also assisted his rise in power to necromancer. Often at crucial points, when there seems no way out for Uldyssian or his followers, Mendeln appears with a solution, and has been integral in preserving the state of Sanctuary

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