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Title Angel of Death
The Former Archangel of Wisdom
Archangel of Wisdom
Lightweaver (or Light-Weaver) (formerly)
Deathweaver (or Death-Weaver)
Aspect of Wisdom (formerly)
Aspect of Death
Lord of Wisdom (formerly)
Lord of Death
Steward of Wisdom (formerly)
Steward of Death
Hand of Wisdom (formerly)
Hand of Death
Wisdom Incarnate (formerly)
Death Incarnate
Heavenly Aspect (formerly)
Deathly Aspect
Aspect of the Angiris council (formerly)
Aspect of the Reapers
Guardian of Wisdom and Chalad'ar (formerly)
Guardian of Death and Pandemonium Fortress
Gender Male
Affiliation Rogue angel
Previously High Heavens
Relatives Tyrael (brother)
Auriel (sister)
Itherael (brother)
Imperius (brother)
Urzael (servant and lieutenant)
Balzael (servant)
Lilith (niece)
Lucion (nephew)
Rathma (grandnephew)
Anu (father)
Diablo (brother-in-law)
Baal (brother-in-law)
Mephisto (brother-in-law)
Azmodan (brother-in-law)
Belial (brother-in-law)
Andariel (sister-in-law)
Duriel (brother-in-law)
Tathamet (father-in-law)
Inarius (brother-in-law)
Status Defeated
Appearances Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
The Veiled Prophet

Archangel Malthael, The Former Aspect of Wisdom, also known as The Silent Angel, is a member of the Angiris Council and appears in The Sin War series of novels based on the Diablo universe. Malthael appeared in the expansion Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

He resides in the Pools of Wisdom in the High Heavens.


Once Malthael was a noble being who cherished all life. He sees all emotions and experiences that connect the universe. He is a very knowledgeable angel who is rarely wrong, much to the dismay of the other council members, and when he speaks all others stop to listen.[1]

When the Worldstone was stolen by Inarius however, Malthael started to change and become a more brooding and gaunt figure. He now appears as a gaunt figure amongst the Angiris Council, wearing a black breastplate and similarly colored robes. This is evidenced in the Veiled Prophet, where he is described as follows:

The female angel looked to a fourth member of their council, a very gaunt figure whose robes were black and whose breastplate was likewise colored. WHAT SAY YOU, MALTHAEL? WILL YOU STAND WITH ME ON THIS?

A visible shiver ran through not only Mendeln but also the rest when the angel Malthael spoke. His voice brought nightmares of death to Mendeln — a permanent, empty death.


When Sanctuary was discovered, he abstained from the vote to decide its fate, claiming that at the end of all things only he will prevail, despite this the rest of the Council(or at least Imperius) counted his abstinance as a vote for the destruction of Sanctuary.

Current Whereabouts

Malthael has reportedly disappeared from the High Heavens since the destruction of the Worldstone, though it is not known where he is. Malthael was unable to comprehend the destruction of the Worldstone and left the Angiris Council. Tyrael says that Malthael has gone mad, searching for the unknowable truths of life and death, endlessly wandering Pandemonium. Since he has not died, no new archangel has formed from the Crystal Arch to replace him, leaving a perpetual gap and unbalance in the Angiris Council. Following the rebirth of Diablo as the Prime Evil, and the Lord of Hell's destruction at the hands of the new Heroes, Tyrael takes Malthael's place on the Angiris Council as the Angel of Wisdom.

Powers and Abilities

The archangel of wisdom is at all times in tune with "the nature of all things", and this evidently makes him a masterful fighter who can deflect enemy blows with perfect precision. His weapons of choice are two scythes, though the exact nature of them has not been revealed.


The Chalice of Wisdom is a cup which holds liquid from the Pools of Wisdom, which in turn contain the sum of all emotions experienced in Creation at any given time. Staring into this chalice, sometimes for years on end, is where Malthael draws his wisdom from.


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