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The Mallet Lords are brutal overseers second only to the seven Evils themselves. They rule the seething outer reaches of the Hells that surround the central realms, and have long refused to join any of the Lesser Evils' armies. Surely the destruction would be unthinkable if such a thing ever came to pass.

Deckard Cain

Mallet Lords are by far the most powerful monster in Diablo III. They tower over the party and possess 4 arms, each carrying a stone weight of many tons, used like mallets. They attack using the Hammer Time ability, the most damaging monster ability in the game, and have very high life, among the highest of any monster. This makes them extremely formidable opponents that should never be under estimated. For this reason they usually spawn alone but that does not stop multiple spawning under standard Elite mechanics. Elite packs have been known to brick wall parties as affixes such as Teleporter, Vortex, Fast and Horde result in packs that can wipe the toughest players in seconds. Players argue if some Elite packs are more powerful than all bosses, Ubers included. If you are ever unfortunate enough to run into multiple elite packs on Inferno at high Monster Power, you should consider restarting the session. Best strategy for Elite packs is to get each party member to split the pack as it is far harder to dodge their insane attack if there are multiple chasing you.


  • Hammer Time
    Primary attack that involves smacking the ground directly in front with all 4 arms simultaneously. Does ludicrous damage in a reasonable area. Has a windup time of approximately a second and does not track target movement so can be easily dodged. Never underestimate this attack as even tough players that easily run higher Monster Powers will find themselves being killed in a single hit when playing 2 Monster Power levels lower.