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Malic, the High Priest of the Order of Mefis, was the trusted lieutenant of the Primus. Granted a greatly increased lifespan by his master, Malic sought to capture Uldyssian after his powers were noticed by Lucion. However, his initial attempt failed due to the unexpected presence of the demoness Lilith who, disguised as the noblewoman Lylia lent her powers to Uldyssian, allowing him to overcome the summoned demons and Peace Warders with ease.

Malic was granted a second chance however; this time Lucion transformed the high priest's arm into a demon limb. Trusting the priest it was in fact a weapon, the demon limb was in reality a last resort: a way to remove Lilith's disguise, revealing her true form to Uldyssian. This time Malic received additional aid as he was given a band of vicious morlu to do his bidding. Disguising himself and his morlu as notable citizens of Partha and friends of Uldyssian, Malic managed to ambush the farmer and his friends at their resting place during the night. However, his plans were once again thwarted as he faced off against Lilith. The demon limb didn't save his life as he was brutality massacred by the demoness.

Malic made a reappearance in the second book of the Sin War trilogy, Scales of the Serpent. His spirit was summoned from his ashes by Mendeln, who bound the spirit inside one of Malic's remaining bones. Malic's spirit served as a guide for Uldyssian during his travel through the labyrinth beneath the great Temple of the Triune, just before the final showdown with Lilith.

Malic again made a reappearance in The Veiled Prophet.


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  • Malic's name might be derived from or related to the word malice, as it seems to fit his personality like a glove.