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Mages are true casters and masters of elemental damage, who use fire, lightning and arcane magic against dark creatures of the Underworld. They are absolutely helpless in melee combat, but it's not what they're famous for. Mages are powerful spellcasters who can destroy a whole pack of demons with one spell. But despite their unbelievable magical abilities, they have to use different spells against different enemies: one spell can turn one type of demons into flee and be absolutely useless against another sort of monster type. That is why Mages are very cautious and always have several different spells in the speedbook. They have the ability to recharge magical staves.


Stats to focus on, in order of importance: MAG, STR, VIT, DEX

Starting Maximum1 Purpose
Strength 10 110 Wearing gear, blocking melee attacks and doing damage.
Magic 30 250 Wearing jewelry, reading books, mana regain, spell damage and total mana.
Dexterity 10 90 Wearing gear, chance to dodge attacks and block.
Vitality 15 130 Max -DFE, life regain, effect of healing, stun threshold and total life.
Life 25 189 Staying alive.
Mana 70 598 Casting spells.
DFE (cap)2 -7 -65 Reduces damage taken from enemies
Armor 2 18 Reduces the chance enemies will hit you.
  1. Listed maximum stats is for a level 50 mage with all his ability points maxed out, and without items or spell effects.
  2. In singleplayer, DFE is also capped at -25 on Horror mode and at -50 on Purgatory mode.


  • Total life = 1•Vitcharacter + 1•Vititems + 1•clvl + Lifeitems + 9
  • Total mana = 2•Magcharacter + 2•Magitems + 2•clvl + Manaitems - 2
  • Total armor = Dex/5 + ACitems
  • Minimum DFE (cap) = Vitcharacter/2
  • Melee damage resistance = (Rnd[24 + (Vitbase / 8)] + 5)% (min5%max44,25%)

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