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Madawc, known as "Madawc the Guardian" is a non-player character (NPC) from the Diablo II expansion Lord of Destruction. He is one of three Bosses along with Korlic and Talic guarding the Worldstone on the summit of Mt. Arreat.


No one is quite sure where Madawc is from, only that one day he walked out of the hills of Val Narian in the North, an axe in both hands, ready to battle. Those who were crazy enough to battle beside Madawc referred to him as the warrior prophet. He claimed he was cursed with visions from both past and present. He would often begin fights without provocation, claiming he sought justice for crimes not yet committed. Before every battle he would sit, trance like, staring up to the skies. Sometimes, when he would fall out of these trances, he would rise from wherever he was, and leave, not taking part in the waiting battle. Those that knew of Madawc’s trances began to believe he could tell the outcome of a battle even before it was fought. How else could the crazy old codger have survived for as long as he had? He became well known among the warriors of the Northern Lands because of his supposed gift. Men began to follow Madawc wherever he went, staying if he stayed, leaving when he left. He became something of a legend, a warrior prophet. However, one night as Madawc sat around the fire with some of his men, he stood up, dropped his pipe, and left. When one of the men stopped him and asked where he was going he said, "The Ancients have called me to guard Mt. Arreat. So, I must go." Pushing past the man, Madawc began his long trek south to the summit of Mt. Arreat.

Diablo II

Madawc is first met during the Rite of Passage quest in Act V of Diablo II, as one of the guardians of the Worldstone. Along with Korlic the Protector and Talic the Defender, Madawc emerges from a statue-form when the player interacts with altar at the center of Mt. Arreat summit.

"We are the spirits of the Nephalem, the Ancient Ones. We have been chose to guard sacred Mount Arreat, wherein the Worldstone rests. Few are worthy to stand in its presence; fewer still can comprehend its true purpose. Before you enter, you must defeat us."

Additional Information

Special Abilities:

Monster Stats

Difficulty Health Resistances Drain Effectiveness Locations (Monster Level)
C F L M Phy Psn

Madawc (Diablo II).gif

Normal 3,800 - 4,560 70 0 70 0 0 0 100% Arreat Summit (40)
Nightmare 29,106 - 38,808 70 0 70 0 0 0 100% Arreat Summit (71)
Hell 102,592 - 128,240 70 50 100 0 40 50 100% Arreat Summit (90)