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Lut Gholein
Lut Gholein (Diablo II).jpg
Act Act II
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NPCs Atma, Deckard Cain, Drognan, Elzix, Fara, Geglash, Greiz, Jerhyn, Kaelan, Lysander, Meshif, Warriv
Music Lut Gholein
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Normal Nightmare Hell
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Lut Gholein, often called the Jewel of the Desert, is the main trading port in Aranoch and the midpoint between the Western Kingdoms and Kehjistan beyond the Twin Seas in the East. It is the largest city to appear in Diablo II, in fact the only real city at all: the other acts feature a makeshift camp, a destroyed city and two forts. Lut Gholein shares similarities with some Middle Eastern countries of Earth along with heavy Egyptian influences.

When the player arrives in the city as they chase after Diablo, the city is tormented by Radament, a mummified Horadrim mage who is hiding in the sewers below. Although intially mummified to guard their own tombs, Drognan suggests that Radament might have been corrupted by Diablo when he passed by the town.

During the remainder of the act the focus is on finding the Horadrim pieces needed to access Tal Rasha's Tomb: the Horadric Cube the Horadric Staff and the Viper Amulet. In order to find the location of the tomb, the player must also venture into the Arcane Sanctuary and defeat The Summoner, while simultaneously putting an end to the endless streams of demons that have been pouring in into the Palace Cellar beneath the palace.


  • Atma: Tavern Keeper, healer, lost her husband and son to Radament.
  • Deckard Cain: Last of the Horadrim, he continues to travel with the player. Identifies items.
  • Drognan: A mage of mysterious origin. Sells staves, wands and other caster gear along with scrolls and health/mana potions.
  • Elzix: Old desert bandit who has lost both an eye and a leg. Sells gear and allows you to gamble.
  • Fara: A paladin of the Zakarum, though not corrupted like most in Kurast. Heals the player and repairs the players equipment as well as selling heavy gear.
  • Geglash: Town drunk. Claims to be a warrior of great skill, which is supported by Greiz.
  • Greiz: Hired Mercenary Captain in charge of protecting the city while the City Guard fights demons in under the palace.
  • Jerhyn: The Sultan and leader of Lut Gholein.
  • Kaelan: A palace guard who prevents the player from entering until they've acquired The Arcane Sanctuary quest.
  • Lysander: Sells potions to the player.
  • Meshif: A sailor and trader of Kurast descent.
  • Warriv: The trader from Act I who brought you to Lut Gholein.


Lut Gholein, aside from Diablo II, is also referenced in the Richard A. Knaak Diablo novels The Kingdom of Shadow and Legacy of Blood.