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Title Primus of the Triune
Leader of the Triune
Gender Male
Affiliation Burning Hells
Relatives Mephisto (father)
Lilith (sister)
Auriel (mother)
Diablo (uncle)
Baal (uncle)
Azmodan (uncle)
Belial (uncle)
Andariel (aunt)
Duriel (uncle)
Anu (grandfather)
Tathamet (grandfather)
Tyrael (uncle)
Malthael (uncle)
Itherael (uncle)
Imperius (uncle)
Rathma (nephew)
Auriel (mother)
Status Unknown
Appearances Birthright

Lucion is the son of Mephisto and Auriel and grandson of Tathamet, a Prime Evil, and the brother of Lilith. His role in the Diablo universe predated the game series, but he was the main antagonist in the first novel of The Sin War trilogy, Birthright.

The Sin War: Birthright

In the Sin War Trilogy Lucion is the Primus of the Triune. Early on he discovers Uldyssian and sends his most trusted servant Malic to capture him. Lucion tortures Malic after he fails his mission, then bestows upon him a demon arm that, when coming into contact with another, will strip the being of any protective spells. After giving Malic the "gift" he sends him off with Damos a Morlu leader, and a group of his strongest morlu towards Partha the city Uldyssian is currently residing in. Damos and his morlu are defeated by Uldyssian and his comrades as Malic has his own demon arm turned against him by Lilith, then known as Lylia, and dies after. However, when Lilith killed Malic with his own arm she came into contact with the arm, and therefore lost any magical defenses put into place in the past. This was Lucion's plan. Soon after, he summoned Astrogha and Gulag, minions of Diablo, and Baal to assist him in casting a spell. With Lilith's defenses now down he created a scrying spell to watch what was happening and then cast a spell on Lilith herself. The spell disrupted the illusion Lilith had, allowing Uldyssian to see her true form. Uldyssian rejects her as she blames Lucion for her demonic appearance. [1] Lilith eventually abandons Uldyssian much to the joy of Lucion.

Later as Uldyssian is trying to run away from his Parthan followers in an attempt to steer them out of harms way he curses himself for not bringing a horse. At just that moment Lucion appears as a horse and begins brainwashing him and later tries to convince him that Mendeln is under the influence of a demon. Mendeln convinces Uldyssian that it really is him and at just that moment Lucion tries to kill Mendeln but he vanishes. Uldyssian and the Parthans, with their newly awakened abilities, then do battle with Lucion. The demon repeatedly taunts Uldyssian saying he is nothing, and his powers are nothing without Lilith to supplement his abilities. Uldyssian believes this the truth, and thinks himself powerless until he sees Lucion killing his followers and overflows with emotion breaking out of Lucion's hold. Uldyssian eventually overpowers Lucion and turns his tactics against him saying that the demon is in fact nothing, and using his overwhelming magical abilities wills it so:

"Is it over?" Asked the Parthan "Is the demon dead?"

"No... he just isn't, at all."



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