Lloigor the Crazed

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Lloigor the Crazed
"Demented Conjurer"
Lloigor the Crazed.png
LocationCathedral Level 4

Lloigor the Crazed is a unique Human that can appear on the Cathedral Level 4. He will offer the player to leave him alone for 25 Gold.png, but will turn hostile if the player attempts to take his Musty Tome.

Additional Information

Special Abilities:

Related Achievements:

  • None

Encounter Dialogue

  • No, no, no! It has to be here! It... yes! Yes!
  • Stay back, vagabond! This tome is mine and mine alone! If you are wise, this gold will satisfy your curiosity!
  • Ah, so you wish to know what I've learned? How I've suffered? So be it!
Lloigor the Crazed studying