Lightning Spire (Diablo II)

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Left behind by paranoid sorcerers to safeguard their sanctuaries from thieves, these enchanted spires emit bolts of lightning at those who approach too closely. An interesting quirk of these guardians is that they are not activated by the proximity of the many monsters that roam the areas where they are found. This has led many sages to speculate that they may have been created even before mankind knew of the existence of Demons.

Additional Information

Lightning Spires are highly resistant to many kinds of attacks, so it will take a while to destroy them. Try to stay out of range of the Lightning Spire when fighting other monsters. Lightning Spires drop no items so some players just avoid them.

Lightning Spires do not regenerate health.

Lightning Spire
Difficulty Health Resistances Drain Effectiveness Locations (Monster Level)
C F L M Phy Psn Regular Champion/Unique
Lightning Spire
Lightning Spire (Diablo II).gif
Super Unique: None
Normal 70-141 70 90 90 90 0 1000 0% Arcane Sanctuary (1) -
Nightmare 4,675-5,610 0 90 100 90 0 1000 0% Arcane Sanctuary (48) -
Hell 20,595-32,952 0 90 100 90 0 1000 0% Arcane Sanctuary (79) -