Lightning Enchanted (Diablo II)

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Lightning Enchanted is one of the attributes that Unique Monsters may spawn with in Diablo II. This is one of the simple elemental damage attributes, similar to Fire Enchanted, and Cold Enchanted. This one, as the name reveals, does lightning damage.

What It Does

  • Lightning damage will be added to the monster's attack, amounting to 66-100% of the physical damage.
  • Chance To Hit: x2
  • Lightning Resist: 75
  • When hit, the unique monster will release Charged Bolts. The damage of the bolts scales with the level of the monster.
  • In Nightmare and Hell, minions gain 33-50% additional lightning damage.


  • Avoid those Charged Bolts as they can rip through you incredibly quickly if you have a low lightning resistance.
  • It does not simply cast the Charged Bolt spell, instead it releases a nova of charged bolts.
  • Monsters who are Multi-Shot Lightning Enchanted are incredibly deadly. Be very careful when approaching a monster with both.
  • Don't use lightning damage against these monsters, as they are resistant to it.