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Ko Rune
Number 18 of 50
Ko Rune.png

Weapons: 5% Bonus to Strength
Armor: 5% Bonus to Strength
Shields: 5% Bonus to Strength

Level Requirement: 39

Ko is the eighteenth rune in Median XL.
It can be made by cubing 2 Lum runes together.
It is a uncommon rune in the game and is used in 1 runeword.
It can be found in Terror difficulty and later.

Rune words

1-4 Socket Druid Helms
0-3 Jewels + Ko
Level Requirement : 39

+1 to Druid Skill Levels

20% Increased Attack Speed
5% Bonus to Strength
10% Bonus to Dexterity
+(101 to 150)% Enhanced Defense
Increase Maximum Mana (11 to 20)%
5% Chance to Avoid Damage

(21 to 40)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items