Knights of Khanduras

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Also known as "The Knights of the Order of Light" or "King Leoric's Knights". Lachdanan leads these Knights,and the Warrior might have belonged to them. It is implied the Blacksmith Grizwold also belongs to this order. They fought in a failed "preemptive strike" against Westmarch, and their numbers were reduced. Most of the survivors of that war were later corrupted by King Leoric under Diablo's control. The Corrupted Knights are referred to as Black Knights the stronger variants are the Doom Guard, the Blood Knight and the Steel Lord. They are clad in full metal helmets crowned with 4 scythe-like horns, Suits of armor with massive breastplates with well protective flanks and arms and legs encased in metal. They carry shields decorated with skulls and use the Bastard sword as their weapons.