Kiss of Mephisto

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The Kiss of Mephisto was a strange, demonic artifact imbued with the power to resurrect any fallen Morlu.


It appeared as a giant, black gemstone embedded in a triangular column of red-streaked marble. Its deep red complexion earned it the moniker, Blood Marble.


The artifact was kept in an underground cavern beneath the temple of the Triune, along with the band of Morlu. As long as the Kiss of Mephisto remained active it would revive any fallen Morlu, who battled amongst themselves for experience and to satiate their bloodlust, within the cave. For some strange reason, Lucion despises the Blood Marble.

It was ultimately destroyed by Uldyssian when he fought his way through the cavern, putting an end to the Morlu threat. The Kiss appears in the first two books of the Sin War novels.