Khalim's Will (Diablo II)

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For quest see Khalim's Will (quest).

Khalim's Will is a three headed flail imbued by the unfulfilled will of Khalim, the Que'Hegan of the High Council of Zakarum. When Mephisto tried to corrupt the council of Zakarum, he was succesful in stealing the hearts of all but Khalim. Mephisto had Khalim killed, and hid his heart, brain, eye and flail throughout Kehjistan.

The quest Khalim's Will focuses on the player trying to recover the four pieces of Khalim's Will, so as to craft a weapon capable of destroying the compelling orb, the object controlling Zakarum and the lock to the Guardian Tower, where Mephisto is imprisoned.

Once all four pieces are found, they must be transmuted using the horadric cube, and then used to smash the compelling orb. The weapon is destroyed when this task is completed.

Its stats are:

Khalim's Will

One hand damage: 1-15
Durability: 30/30
Mace class-very fast attack speed

+50% increased attack speed
+40 to attack rating
Adds 1-40 lightning damage
6% mana stolen per hit
6% life stolen per hit
+50% damage to the undead