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A Jewel is a type of socketable item that can be put in an item with sockets. A Jewel spawns with 1-4 random magical attributes which only have effects after it is socketed.

Jewels are similar to Gems and Runes, except that instead of having predetermined magical abilities like a Gem or Rune, each Jewel possesses random magic properties, allowing you to bestow a wide variety of magical abilities to your Socketed Item. Before inserting a Jewel, its magical properties must be "identified" either by the use of a Scroll/Tome of Identify, or by a wise sage who can provide such a service.

Unlike other socketable items, jewels do not change their attributes when socketed in different items. So, they are a popular option for extreme item customizers as they can bestow attributes to items that could normally be impossible to be generated by the game engine.

Like other items, jewels can be Magic, Rare (Rare Jewels can have up to four magical properties) and even Unique. Only 8 types of unique jewels are in-game, and they all have a common name, the Rainbow Facet.

Jewels can also have Suffixes and Prefixes.

The artwork for Jewels are not tied to their stats.

Jewels can be used in Horadric Cube Formulas so hang on to each Jewel you find.

Magic Prefixes

Note: Yellow means the affix can be found on either a Magic or a Rare item, while Blue means it can be found only on a Magic item.

Affix Attributes ilvl Item Type
Blanched +5-8 Defense 1 Jewels
Eburine +9-20 Defense 16 Jewels
Bone +21-40 Defense 32 Jewels
Ivory +41-64 Defense 64 Jewels
Scarlet +1-4 to Minimum Damage 8 Jewels
Crimson +5-8 to Minimum Damage 38 Jewels
Carbuncle +1-5 to Maximum Damage 12 Jewels
Carmine +6-9 to Maximum Damage 35 Jewels
Vermilion +11-15 to Maximum Damage 58 Jewels
Cinnabar +5-10% Enhanced Damage 1 Jewels
Rusty +11-20% Enhanced Damage 13 Jewels
Realgar +21-30% Enhanced Damage 45 Jewels
Ruby +31-40% Enhanced Damage 66 Jewels
Dun +7-12% Damage Taken Goes to Mana 7 Jewels
Brown Heal Stamina Plus +10-15% 39 Jewels
Chestnut +10-15 Max Stamina 1 Jewels
Maroon +16-25 Max Stamina 17 Jewels
Nickel +10-20 to Attack Rating 1 Jewels
Tin +21-40 to Attack Rating 8 Jewels
Silver +41-60 to Attack Rating 25 Jewels
Argent +61-100 to Attack Rating 44 Jewels
Bright +1 to Light Radius
+10 to Attack Rating
1 Jewels
Emerald +3-7% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 16 Jewels
Zircon +5-10 Mana 3 Jewels
Jacinth +11-15 Mana 17 Jewels
Turquoise +16-20 Mana 29 Jewels
Shimmering All Resistances +5-10% 16 Jewels
Scintillating All Resistances +11-15% 34 Jewels
Lapis Lazuli Cold Resist +5-15% 2 Jewels
Sapphire Cold Resist +16-30% 19 Jewels
Garnet Fire Resist +5-15% 2 Jewels
Ruby Fire Resist +16-30% 18 Jewels
Camphor Lightning Resist +5-15% 2 Jewels
Ambergris Lightning Resist +16-30% 19 Jewels
Beryl Poison Resist +5-15% 2 Jewels
Jade Poison Resist +16-30% 19 Jewels
Aureolic +1-3 to Mana after each Kill 22 Jewels
Diamond +25-50 to Attack Rating against Demons
+25-40% Damage to Demons
26 Jewels
Pearl +25-50 to Attack Rating against Undead
+25-50% Damage to Undead
18 Jewels

Magic Suffixes

Affix Attributes ilvl Item Type
Malice Attacker Takes Damage of 1-5 37 Jewels
Fervor 15% Increased Attack Speed 39 Jewels
Frigidity 1-5 Cold Damage - 2 Second Duration 16 Jewels
Passion +1-3 Minimum Fire Damage And +6-10 Maximum Fire Damage 15 Jewels
Ennui +1 Minimum And +10-20 Maximum Lightning Damage 15 Jewels
Ire +2-5 To Maximum Damage 4 Jewels
Wrath +6-9 To Maximum Damage 11 Jewels
Carnage +11-15 Maximum Damage 25 Jewels
Joyfulness +1-4 To Minimum Damage 5 Jewels
Bliss +5-10 To Minimum Damage 43 Jewels
Envy +20 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds 1 Jewels
Truth 7% Faster Hit Recovery 44 Jewels
Honor Replenish Life +1-4 47 Jewels
Avarice +10-30% More Gold 1 Jewels
Prosperity +5-10% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 26 Jewels
Spirit +3-8 To Life 1 Jewels
Hope +9-20 To Life 45 Jewels
Freedom Requirements -15% 1 Jewels
Icicle +2-3 Minimum and +6-10 Maximum Cold Damage - 2 Second Duration 37 Jewels
Glacier +4-5 Minimum and +11-15 Maximum Cold Damage - 2 Second Duration 58 Jewels
Fire +4-10 Minimum and +11-30 Maximum Fire Damage 36 Jewels
Burning +11-25 Minimum and +31-50 Maximum Fire Damage 57 Jewels
Lightning +1 Minimum and +21-60 Maximum Lightning Damage 36 Jewels
Thunder +1 Minimum and +61-100 Maximum Lightning Damage 57 Jewels
Daring +1-3 Dexterity 7 Jewels
Daring +4-6 Dexterity 19 Jewels
Daring +7-9 Dexterity 36 Jewels
Knowledge +1-5 To Energy 9 Jewels
Knowledge +4-6 To Energy 24 Jewels
Knowledge +7-9 To Energy 41 Jewels
Virility +1-4 Strength 18 Jewels
Virility +5-6 Strength 33 Jewels
Virility +7-9 Strength 50 Jewels