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Jere Harash was a legendary magician of the Vizjerei mage clan most famous for being the first to summon a demon from the Burning Hells into Sanctuary and essentially founding the Vizjerei order as it was later known.

Harash had been a young Vizjerei acolyte who had discovered the power to command the spirits of the dead. The young boy had claimed the insight was given to him through a dream. Soon, his power became a thing of legend. The boy perfected the process whereby the wizards drained the energy of the dead, making anyone who used it more powerful than anything that had gone on before. As a result of this new knowledge, the Vizjerei—one of the three primary clans in the world — had become known as the Spirit Clan.

Jere Harash’s last attempt to master the spirit world completely would prove to be his undoing, however. Upon the young man’s attaining the trance state necessary to transfer the energy to the spells he wove, a spirit had taken control of his body and gone on a killing rampage. Later, the Vizjerei had learned that the spirits they called on and unwittingly unleashed into the world were, in fact, demons from the Burning Hells.

The events surrounding Harash were written down by the Vizjerei historian Dumal Lunnash.

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