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Game Diablo II
Class Amazon
Primary Attack Charged Strike
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator DeathMars

So first off, you have to realize that this build WILL be expensive and will take a significant amount of your HR's and/or FG. So just keep that in mind.


Strength - You should require zero strength if you have the correct gear.

Dexterity - High enough that at every level you have 75% block rate.

Vitality - Everything else

Energy - Zero


Okay so this is where it gets crazy.

Helm - Griffons socketed with 5/5 Die Lightning Facet. No explanation needed.

Amulet - Atma's is the primary amulet a good javazon should be using.

Armor - The #1 choice for armor is Jewelers archon plate of the whale, which is 4 open sockets and 100 life. Within the armor though you must use 15% increased attack speed/15% increased damage. Use enigma if you can't get this because of the teleport makes it easier to track targets, as well as the strength bonus and mana gain. AP CoH is workable but all too easy to get kite'd around with it on.

Weapon 1 - Okay so the PERFECT weapon here would be a 6/40 Javalin (Plus 6 to Javalin skills/ 40 increased attack speed) Eth Titans are the other choice, but must be perfect to be useful. If you're using Eth Titans you must make up for the attack speed loss with your armor.

Shield 1 - Jmod 20/20 light die facets. http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh9/cyche_ownage/3f3f.jpg

Weapon 2 - A 6 BO Call to Arms weapon for your switch will raise your life and energy a significant good amount.

Shield 2 - Spirit Shield. Really, just find one with the minimum strength requirement, since you're only using this to fuel your call to arms.

Belt - ThunderGods.

Ring 1 - Bul Kathos Wedding Band. I always use this because of the life and the plus 1 to all skills.

Ring 2 - Raven Frost. Extra dexterity and cannot be frozen. Extremely important in duels.

Gloves - 2/20's are people's gloves of choice because it can have a strength/resist on top of good damage

Boots - . Soul Spur are perfection for a Javazon. Nothing is better. http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh9/cyche_ownage/dggdgdasgddgagsdgds.jpg

Inventory - A perfect Zon torch and anni are easily what you want. For your Grand charms you need 7x +1 Javalin Gcs with a 12% FHR mod. Then fill in the blanks with 20 Life Small Charms with resist mods.



Fixed by Cyche