Izual (Diablo III)

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"The Betrayer"
LocationThe Great Span

Izual is the third boss in Act IV. He has a chance to drop the plans for Staff of Herding.

He gained notoriety for being impossibly difficult when Diablo III was released as he was able to kill players in a few hits and his periodic Freezing made survival very difficult. His normal attack hit for a lot of damage while his Charge ability dealt huge damage. His Chain Frozen ability used to summon 2-3 normal Frozen Orbs on top of all party members.

Additional Information

Special Abilities:

  • Frost Nova
    Freezes the entire party for a brief period. This is used twice at various stages of health.
  • Chain Frozen
    Periodically summons weaker Frozen Orbs on top of all party members. The freeze duration and summon period is such that low Evasion or Crowd Control players are unable to act for the duration of the ability. The ability lasts a few seconds, during which Izual is able to attack as normal.
  • Summon Reinforcements
    Calls for various demons to help fight the party. This is used twice at various stages of health.
  • Charge
    Izual rams into a player, teleporting him instantly next to the player, knocking the player back and deals minor damage.

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