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This data according to the version 1.153c

Basic information

Items in The Hell is one of the most important parts of the gameplay. They are divided into four classes:

- Basic items - Useless, except at the begining of the game. They are still the base of all items.

- Magical items - These items have one or two affixes that define their properties. In The Hell, in contrast with the original magic affixes, there are no negative properties. The advantages are often more powerful than their counterparts.

- Unique items - The Hell's pride! Each of them has a unique image and several magical properties. Many of these properties can be found only on unique items. Anyway, some powerful uniques have negatives affixes to compensate.

- Set items - A novelty in The Hell. These unique items are especially selected to be worn together, as well for their properties than for their design. Collecting a full set is not an easy task, but when done, activates the set's bonus feature!

For actual information about items see Kozel's The Hell database

Items effects

All worn items, whether magical items or sets use the same set of properties. Some of them are summarized, and some do not. Let's start with simple and clear summed properties:

  • % damage
  • adds points to damage
  • chance to hit
  • spell levels
  • damage from enemies
  • light radius
  • armor piercing
  • hp and mp
    • hit points
    • mana
    • 50% Mana moved to Health
    • 40% Health moved to Mana
  • resist
    • fire resist percent
    • lightning resist percent
    • magic resist percent
    • all resist percent
  • attributes
    • to strength
    • to magic
    • to dexterity
    • to vitality
    • to all attributes

Note that the "% armor class" is not here. Because unlike the "% damage"% AC just changes to a specified percentage of item on which the AC has this property. % damage is first summarized, and then applied to the sum of damage. "moved to" are variations of "hit points" and "mana" properties in which the amount of change is expressed as a percentage, as well as the increase of one parameter is accompanied by taking away the same value with the opposite.

Now the properties that affect only the item itself:

  • charges of spell
  • Extra charges
  • high durability
  • decreased durability
  • unusual base damage
  • unusual durability
  • no strength requirement
  • one handed staff
  • % armor

"unusual" means only that the value of these properties are different from the values ​​base and unique set separately. "Extra", "high" and "decreased" have certain values ​​that are not displayed. Specific values​​, refer to Kozel's The Hell database.

Now left nonsummable properties:

Effect Remark
enhanced perception passive seeing with infravision
Fire hit damage
Lightning hit damage
in addition to a physical melee strike will be dealt elemental damage,
which will damage the monster about ten times if it is not immune to this element
fire arrows damage
lightning arrows damage
same in for arrows
fireball damage
lightning damage
fires specified spell instead normal arrow
fires random speed arrows No coments
triple shot Allow you to fire two additional arrows. If you have effect
that change normal arrow, it will affect on additional arrows too
knocks target back This effect allow you to knocks target and stun it.
This works in melee and in range with arrows (with fire and lightning arrows too).
Btw some monsters have resist to KB
+50% damage vs Undead
+50% damage vs Demons
bonus to damage vs monster types. Works with melee damage only.
Multiply with bonuses/penaltyes from weapon types and with palladins class bonus
+20 AC vs demons
+15 AC vs undead
No coments
10% chance of +200% damage With this effect you have 10% chance to deal 3x damage.
Works with all damage too. Increases the average damage by 20%.
Random 0-260% damage Works with all damage. Increases the average damage by 30%.
+150% fury duration No coments
lose all resistances No coments
-25% mana cost No coments
absorbs 33% ranged damage This is "must have" effect. Decreace arrow's and spell's damage taken by one-third.
hit steals 1% mana
hit steals 2% mana
Works only one at monent. If you use both, will work the best of them.
Percentages are taken from the damage to monsters done.
This value is limited by the (max cur life / 8) if steals 2% mana or by the (max cur life / 16) instead.
hit steals 1% life
hit steals 2% life
Works only one at monent. If you use both, will work the best of them.
Percentages are taken from the damage to monsters done.
Increased life stealing This effect works as 0-1.5% random life steal. There are no max limits to this.
They work separately with regular steals life, that mean these effect are summable with each other.
+100% life regeneration
+100% mana regeneration
No coments
lose all regeneration This effect has a higher priority than +100% regenerations
quick attack
fast attack
faster attack
fastest attack
This effect only works with melee and with bows, not with casting.
If you use more then one, will work the best of them.
In melee this skips 1, 2, 2.5 or 3 frames respectively. In range this skips 1, 1,5, 2 or 3 frames respectively.
Fractional number mean that some times it works as less number else as a greater number.
Btw effect also increace arrows speed in 1, 2, 4 and 8 respectively. In this role effects are summable.
fast hit recovery
faster hit recovery
fastest hit recovery
Some as attack speed, will work the best of them. This skips 2, 3 or 4 to hit animation frames respectively.
fast block This effect allow you to make block without animation.

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.