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Items are weapons, armor, potions, books and other assorted things the player picks up in the dungeons of Diablo I. The items are then placed in the grid inventory that has since become a staple of the series. Diablo I was quite punishing compared to its succcesors however, as every single item drops on the ground if the player dies. Coupled with no form of stash available to the player makes for some risky gameplay, especially in PvP. In other words if you don't want to lose that hard earned the game often!

Item Types

There are several kinds of items available in Diablo I that work differenty and serve different functions.

  • Equipment: This includes weapons and armor such as helms, body armor and shields.
  • Skill Books: These books found in dungeons or bought from Adria provide the player with one additional level of a skill. A Book of Lightning provides one point in Lightning and no other skill.
  • Potions & Elixirs: These items are consumables and can only be used once. Either Pepin or Adria sell them depending on which potion the player wants to buy.
  • Gold: Unlike in Diablo II & III, gold takes up inventory space and as such cannot be horded past a certain amount.




Item Mods