Immolation (Diablo I)

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Immolation (Diablo I).png
Damage Magic Requirements
Base Damage 11-77 Spell Level 1 87
Damage Type Fire Requires 255 at Level 7
Damage Increase Mana Cost
per Class Level ·2.5* Initial Mana Cost 60
per Spell Level ·1.125^x Reduction per Spell Level -3
per Magic Point - Lowest Mana Cost 35

Immolation creates a ring of fire balls that shoot out from the caster. It works exactly like Nova, only it does fire instead of lightning damage and the individual fireballs deal splash damage upon impact.

Damage Calculation

Real Damage: Rec(slvl, (Itt(5, Rnd[6]) + clvl + 5)/2)
Min. Damage: 5*Rec(slvl, 2 + clvl/2)
Max. Damage: 5*Rec(slvl, 15 + clvl/2)
Quick Min. Damage: 5*(2 + clvl/2) * (9/8)^slvl
Quick Max. Damage: 5*(15 + clvl/2) * (9/8)^slvl