Horned Ground Sloth

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The Horned Ground Sloth is described as a beast of burden in Diablo official lore, and as such, has a very large and bulky build that may be used to carry heavy loads by many merchants.


The Sloth walks on all fours like all beasts of burden, but an atypical feature is that its forelegs are actually more like hands, much longer than their hind legs, in that, it walks more like a Gorilla than any other pack animal.

It constantly drools like a camel, which may indicate that it is actually a native to a desert type area, like Aranoch. But a feature that strangely seems out of place on a native of the desert, is their long and thick fur that covers the Rhino-like hide. This would be useful for animals in the more colder regions like the Yak, suggesting that the Sloth may, in fact, be a native of the cold northern lands.