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Horazon was a former mage of the Vizjerei clan. He believed that demons of the Burning Hells could be broken and used by mortals. In time, however, the denizens of Hell grew tired of this mortal's meddling and made to destroy him. Horazon, however, was prepared; he escaped safely into the Arcane Sanctuary, from which he continued to break demons and watch over events in Sanctuary.

During the time of Diablo's resurgence, adventurers fought their way through the Arcane Sanctuary to discover the whereabouts of Tal Rasha's tomb. Instead of being greeted by Horazon himself, however, they discovered a dark impersonator. One of the Vizjerei sorcerers that attempted to save Tristram was corrupted and took on the mantle of The Summoner. Horazon's final fate remains unknown.